Hopes & Dreams


A lot of times when I think about my hopes, majority of them are actually just dreams. Guess that’s a way of saying I dream more than I hope. I like hoping for the best for many people out here that know how to carry themselves in this unpredictable world. I have a very creative mind, so majority of my dreams would be about impossible things. It’s a way of improving my creative writing for when I write my stories.  Used to always have high hopes for things to happen, but you become more vulnerable to the unexpected happening. They also say dreams don’t necessarily come true. That is, if you dream impossible dreams like I do. Dreams that are possible to achieve take time & effort. I mean, some you can actually do in a day, maybe a few hours or minutes if it’s something like going outside or buying something from the corner store. That looks more like a want right? Majority of the times we dream of things we wish to have. I do that a lot, but I don’t hope to have everything I dream of. Not everything we want is meant to be for some of us.

When it comes to my hopes, I hope the best for other people more than I hope for things on my behalf. I don’t put my hopes high for those that are ungrateful. I mean, I don’t hope for bad things to happen to them, but more of just having a gut feeling that something tragic will happen for them to realize how much things should be valued to them. I hope the best for those that have helped me in my life, those that need help, & those that I see with a good head on their shoulders.  I don’t hope a lot for myself, I just allow whatever is destined to happen for me to happen. On some occasions I would change up things to have an outcome that would fit my customs.

Now, my dreams are a much more of a, compelling topic I should say. I have many dreams throughout the day & night. Most of them come from my mind wandering off & imagining things happening. Those usually be the impossible ones such as me jumping outside & flying in the air at will, or being the richest man alive. However, when I sleep, the dreams I have feel very realistic. It would be on a modern day, living modern day life either just relaxing & hanging out with friends, or dealing with an unexpected situation. Sometimes I have dreams of my death or the moment right before my death would come. Say if I was dreaming & in my dream I fell off a skyscraper. The second I was about to hit the ground, I’d immediately awake from my slumber. That, or if I was to be shot to death. But other than the negative dreams, I do have positive dreams such as dreaming of myself in the future. Dreaming of what the world will become, dreaming of world peace, dreaming of success for my family & all those that I believe will make it in life.

I’m a person that loves to think & be creative. Dreaming is pretty much what I do every day all day. I do carry hope for many I believe will become something of themselves & here & there I make hope for myself, but not too high. I hate being disappointed after expecting on something to happen the way I imagined it. If it happens in a similar way, then I’d still feel good. If it didn’t but has the same benefits as the way I thought it, then I’d also still feel good. I really enjoy dreaming, it helps me increase my creativity as well as ease my mind if it was ever to be stressed out. Sometimes it helps put pieces of a puzzle together via if I’m struggling with something. The dream can give me the answer on how to solve it. That’s something probably not too many can see like I can.

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