Today’s Generation….


There was a time where my kind could not live their lives to the fullest in America at all. There were decades of battle against the oppression that prevented us from doing so. We are all human, yet one simply had more power over another because of appearance. One was deemed “better” than another. The battles that my kind fought were to show that we are equal. That our differences does not make one superior or inferior to another. That there can indeed be peace between us all.

But somehow, my kind forgets the blood, sweat, & tears that were given to ensure we got a chance to make it to our futures. Ungrateful. I’ve seen my kind blatantly throw away their lives & not realize our lives wouldn’t have came into existence if those battles were never fought & won. I’ve seen my kind abuse their right to freedom causing the oppression we fought so much against in the past to feed on our faults. I’ve seen my kind become the very thing society expects us to almost always become. After all the years of fighting to prove that we can be something more, society is not phased one bit by the failure to do so.

And the generation I live in furthermore feeds the oppression. To think all those years we were fighting for equality, now it would seem we are fighting to be better than each other. Survival of the fittest reaches high heights in today’s society. It is as if nobody wants to see anyone succeed over them even if both are facing the same struggle. Those that are more fortunate are faced with the discrimination by their own kind for being fortunate & sometimes unfortunately face elimination. Greed, being one of the 7 deadly sins, flows so strongly in this generation. Rather than work together to achieve the same goals, one tends to crave it more & stop at nothing to make sure nobody else gets what they want. And yet, the remorse for such treacherous acts against one another are often neglected. The outcome is a never-ending cycle of chaos. It all rinses & repeats onto the next individuals who face the same situation. But rather than make a difference, they only increase the length of the problem to where it could never reach an end. And quite frankly, there will never be an end to it.

We are often told to stand together as brothers & sisters to thwart such chaos & change the views society places upon us. But how can such thing be possible when some of our very own “brothers & sisters” are feeding into the temptations that give the oppression power against us? A constant battle of man vs man, & man vs society we face & witness in America. A place known to be “the land of the free”. Are we really free? If not truly, will we ever be? We are told to “stay woke” whenever we face oppression, but why are we to stay woke only during the times when such tyranny occurs? Why not stay woke everyday? Stand against it not just for someone that is leading the charge against it, but for our very own selves to keep it from restraining us in these hidden shackles. If only the generation I live in could understand this….


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