A Runaway’s Tale (3/5)


I did what I never thought I’d do. I wanted to be anywhere but around my family. Anywhere but home. Where am I to go now? The void in me is growing. How long can I last out in the world with nobody but myself? I’ve got to keep moving….

….I mysteriously chose to get off at a university. I kept my hood over my head, earphones in listening to music, & just wandered all on the campus grounds. It was as if I blended in as a student as everyone was going about their business. I was never bothered, stopped, or questioned about my business there (even though I really had no business).

I walked on the campus grounds to a flight of steps where I sat & dropped my head into my hands. Part of me was trying to draw attention to myself for someone to come talk to me so I could explain my situation for them to try & help me. I didn’t want to publicly ask for help & seem like a weirdo or homeless. I kept myself silent & just sat alone for a short while.

From there, I wandered further around the campus grounds & then to the buildings. I wandered through the hallways where classes were in session. I peeped through the door windows from a distance though nobody ever saw me. Not that anyone would’ve cared to see me out there anyway. When you’re at a college, you’re not anyone’s worry unless you’re trespassing, causing trouble or disruption. Unbeknownst to everyone, I was doing hardcore trespassing.

I wandered through the cafeteria where I sat alone with my head down for quite a while. I guess it was lunch time for a lot of people because it was a bit packed. I was surprised to find a table to myself. Again, nobody bothered me the whole time, or even sat at the same table. It was like I was a repellant although people looked. Whole time I sat just listening to music & watched my surroundings. I didn’t bother to get anything to eat, I didn’t want to lose my seat to others & wind up having to leave there early. When the crowd got smaller, I departed from there & move on.

To the lounges I ventured through where I sat for a while as well as to charge my phone. I just rested there in a comfy chair. Once again, was still on repellant status as nobody bothered me or came near me. I actually didn’t want to leave there because of how comfortable I was. But I couldn’t stay in one place for too long. Using the WiFi at the university, I was texting my friend telling him where I was & my plan, which was to befriend someone & sleep over in their dorm. How ridiculous I was to think I would be able to pull that off when nobody even spoke to me, let alone me even speaking to anyone. My friend never mentioned coming to get me. Guess he thought I was fine out there when I really wasn’t at all. I left the lounges & wandered into hallways where nobody was & then back outside.

I left the lounges back to the outside grounds. It was now the afternoon. Apparently the university was having a spring festival or something. On the grounds they had a stage set up for a performance & other things. But my new priority was to get into the dormitories. I watched people get in with their key cards & wanted to slip in with them. But there was a woman on watch next to them. A band member that was part of the performance about to happen & a few others needed to get in & the watch woman let him in. I slipped behind them & followed, but she spotted me asking if I lived here. I kept moving, ignoring her question as her voice kept following me. I never looked back as her voice still followed me asking the same question until I got to a door which was a back exit & went out. Little did she know I would return & slip behind someone while she wasn’t present.

Now I was inside the dormitories walking all around the hallways, up & down stairs, through the kitchens & laundry rooms until I settled in a small empty classroom with the door shut & light off. Yet again, I was not bothered nor did anyone question me or even alert that I was trespassing. Goes to show how weak security is let alone anyone’s care toward something unusual happening within their own area. Don’t get me wrong, there were security guards patrolling the perimeter throughout the day, but not close to the buildings however, to spot trespassers like me. 

I sat in the classroom with my head down alone while charging my phone again. There was no open WiFi for me to connect so I had nothing but my music & my comic book which I pulled out to read a few minutes after.

The “Nightwing New 52” edition.


Sadly I didn’t read pass the first page. My mind wasn’t focused on reading anything. I just ended up placing my head down again thinking what to do next. Then I got up & left the dormitories.

It was by 5:00 where I just felt completely lost because realizing it would soon become dark outside, I could not be wandering out here for long. Nobody helped me nor did I even ask for help from anybody. After walking back through the campus lounge again, I found a telephone booth. I went to it, picked up the phone & dialed “9-1-1”. It rung, when an officer spoke, I immediately hung up & walked away. I was scared to call anyone, let alone my family. Shortly after, I walked back to the booth, & called them again. This time I replied telling them that I was lost, did not know where to go, or what to do with myself. I had to stay on the phone with them long enough for them to trace my location. Once it was traced they told me an officer was en route to my location. I was nervous. What would they do with me? Minutes later I seen a white state trooper walk pass the hallway I was in without looking my way. Then he came back pass it but looked & saw me with the telephone in my hand. He came over to me….

To be continued….


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