“Hide ‘n’ Seek” gone wrong!

How could this not have been one of your favorite games to play as a child? Running & hiding from someone trying to find you. Trying to be as quiet as a mouse. Oh especially if you had friends playing too. Have that one person counting to 10 or more while you & your friends scatter around either inside the house or outside. Good times good times. However, there indeed is always a time & place for everything. That time should certainly not be in the afternoon at a clothing store with your family at 5 years old having them go on a panic search for you. Boy I remember this like it was yesterday.

I was out with my family at a clothing store on a nice sunny day. It was me, my mother, a few of my aunts, & grandmother. Of course when you’re that young, staying near an adult is mandatory when out in public. I didn’t know too much about the world & the dangers that lurk around. Or how quick a child could be snatched up by another adult when unattended. My foolish self could’ve had that happen to me.

While my grandmon & aunt were searching through clothes, I decided to wander off. For some reason I felt like playing hide n’ seek so I wandered & hid in the center of the circular clothing racks. I was giggling, “they’ll never find me here” I thought. It was all fun & games to me, but it soon went left shortly after.

As I hid, I overheard my aunts voices asking where I was. They were nearby, but didn’t know I was in the rack. I was giggling again. They all started searching & calling my name. I didn’t come out of my spot. It was all fun & games to me still. I peeked out a couple times to see if they were near. Then moved to a nearby rack to hide in the center.

As time passed it was getting serious. They checked all around the store & even went to the car to see if I went there. They were still shouting my name aloud & I still kept hiding. My aunts were panicking & my mother was angry. I’m sure they were thinking the worst of things at the time. Boy was I gonna be in trouble once I was found.

In my mind, everything was still a game. I was all happy that nobody could find me, but I didn’t even think of how long I would keep this going. Unfortunately, it was already decided for me. When it got quiet again, I poked my head out from the center of the rack & eye spied directly at my aunt who was a few racks across from mine who’s eyes wandered for a bit until she had direct sight on my eyes & head. Ohhhh boy…..

The speed of me ducking back down was incredible. But it was already too late. I had been spotted. And the speed of her coming over & pulling me out of the rack was also outstanding. “Aww I have been found” I thought. And along with that, my arm was gripped up by her taking me over to everyone else telling of me hiding in the clothing rack the whole entire time. I didn’t get beat or punished luckily. They were relieved that I was okay & that nothing happened, but were still heated at the fact I thought it was all for fun. It was a dangerous thing to do. A dangerous thing I definitely knew not to do again. To this day none of us have forgotten about that day. What a memory it is….

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