A Twist within Fate….

Inside a dark room with a single light, a man sits in a chair with his head down. In his hands lies a pistol, which he loads with a single bullet. After loading it, his eyes gaze at the gun & his body freezes. Behind his frozen body, a clone of himself dressed in all black appears to his left behind him….

“They don’t understand your pain, nobody can help you. It is so unfortunate that the time has come. Yet, you my friend, are not alone. While all don’t understand your pain, I do so well. I can help remove the pain from you Roland. To find true happiness, you must come with me. You deserve it after all of whats happened. Come be with me Roland…..” The clone in black says in a grim, dark voice.

“Roland, you are more wiser than that to listen to him.” Another clone of himself dressed in all white appears to his right behind him & interjects with a firm voice.

The 2 clones gaze into each other’s eyes.

“Demon….” Said the clone in white

“Angel….could you please find the exit? I am too busy right now to deal with your  foolishness once more.” Said the clone in black as he turns to Roland.

“My dear son, I understand the struggle you’re facing. But I can promise you, brighter days are to come.”

“What brighter days will there be? All of his days have been surrounded by darkness. He is nothing. As long as he walks around the world, that darkness will continue to cloud his mind. But I will show him the light, so step aside Angel.”

“You know son that darkness is impermanent. The light will shine upon your days. You put your trust & faith in him. You believed in his abilities. You know change is coming.”

“Oh “he” has abilities huh? “He” has the abilities to fix his broken mind yet he sits & lets him suffer through it? Look at where it has gotten him to. A change is indeed coming, a twist within fate.”

“This is not the fate you want Roland. You’ve accomplished so much, think of all you’ll be putting behind. Think of all the pe-”

“What people Roland?” The Demon cuts off Angel. “Friends? Where are they when you need them the most right now? Where were they when you were struggling & needed help? Those with the same exact blood that you carry aren’t even present before you. Nobody can make you happy now. But I can….all you must do is come.”

“You can’t let your thoughts run rampant like this. You are far from weak son. Don’t take the easy way out, you cannot fail him.”

“The easy way out? Its easy to walk around with a mind drowning in darkness every second? To feel like you’re worthless & have absolutely no reason to continue on? To be all alone in the world after everyone you thought truly cared for you are not here to help you? You think making the decision to load that gun with one bullet to decide his fate is easy? You will fail nobody Roland. By you coming with me, I will forever be proud. You deserve happiness Roland….”

“You do deserve happiness. But being gone from everything is not the way at all. You know he said he would never forsake you. That he would never give you anything he knew you could not handle. You are his strong soldier. He has always believed in you….”

“But what was “he” doing all this time? Sitting & watching you suffer, being the exact cause of why you’re drowning in darkness. “He” has deceived you Roland. Have you seen him in this darkness? Has the light shined yet even as “he” says it will? Angel, answer this will you? Why is it deemed that all good acts are “an act of “him””? But when the opposite happens, “he” is deemed to “move in mysterious ways”. Where’s the explanation in that Angel?”

“Roland, you cannot listen to him. You must keep believing.”

“Oh Roland, did you actually believe that “he” truly existed? Where Roland? Where is “he”? “He” has deceived you, “he” was never there with you, “he” has forsaken you. There is no “he” Roland…..I am the only “he”….”

Roland slowly moved & placed the gun to his forehead. The Demon slowly smirks as he does so.

“Roland, you must not!” The Angel cries out

Roland’s mind gets consumed by whispers from the demon that “he” has deceived & forsaken him. Then he slowly places his finger on the trigger.

The Demon places his hand on Roland’s left shoulder. “Come with me Roland….” He says

The Angel places his hand on Roland’s right shoulder. “Believe Roland!” He cries

Roland closes his eyes & slowly begins to pull the trigger. The Demon grins smugly, more so like a victory grin. But then, half way, Roland stops.

The Demon’s grin immediately drops. “What?!” He exclaims

The Angel then grins in relief. “You lose Demon”. He says

The Demon backs away from Roland as he opens his eyes & removes the gun from his forehead. Doing so, the Demon slowly begins to fade. “This is NOT over….” He says in an evil voice as he fades away.

Upon the Demon’s disappearance, a light shines in the darkness before him. He stands up, throws the gun behind him, & moves forward towards the light with the Angel behind him.

“Change is coming….” Roland says


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