The Other Side….?

When the living goes, where does it go?

For so long, there has been the strong belief that there is indeed an afterlife once time has reached it’s end. Amongst the living, we have no proof that there is. Some have allegedly seen a glimpse of it through visions, dreams, & even when time seemed to be over for a moment. But theres no true telling from this side of life that there is. Only those who have came & went could ever know whats on the other side of life.

But do I believe that there is an afterlife?

Life is believed to be eternal. Death is only a part of the cycle of life, but that doesn’t mean life ends at that point. Life in the physical world that may be, but the spiritual world opens up as the soul leaves the human vessel. And when the soul leaves, you will either ascend into a beautiful bright life, or descend into darkness.

But where you go, all depends on what you’ve done during your time in the physical world. Have you done enough good to rise up into that beautiful light? Or have you done disgraceful things that earned you a deep descend to the darkness that is said to burn?

I remember watching a video on YouTube of a man, telling an insane story of a dream he had where he felt his soul being uplifted from his body into an unknown world where there were many others that stood in line before a large portal. The voice of the almighty was heard deciding the judgment of those that stepped up to it based off their decisions throughout life. And all were falling down & burning in a fiery prison. When it was his turn, he too would have fell down into it as well, but his repent for his sins opened a beautiful gate to a brighter world. His testimony was phenomenal, yet chilling & scary because of that possibly being a message as to what will happen to us afterwards. And its all based on choices through the time in the physical world.

Knowing that the choices & decisions you make affects where you’ll go on the other side has me afraid. Because as humans, we are not perfect, we are faced with so much, & not every time do we make the right decisions. But the fact that it affects your final judgment at the very end, one can only hope that it would be in your favor.

I’ve got a long way to go before I get to experience the other side. At least I hope I do. Theres a lot thats still ahead of me to experience. More choices & decisions to make. More to discover, & more preparation for my judgment.



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