Time Travel

Just think about it for a second.

Time traveling.

The ability to travel through any point in time.

Whether its back to something a second ago, minute ago, hour ago, day ago, year ago, or even to a time thats ahead of you, you possess the ability to travel to any point in time.

What would you do with such unique ability?

Would you return to a previous time to relive a memorable moment? Would you change a decision that you regretted? Would you go back to save the life of someone that was dear to you?

Or would you jump into the future of the world? Better yet, the future of your life?

You are aware of the risks of time travel right? You could alter time for you & others around in a positive or negative way. One “small” change could play a big impact on the present time, & even the future. Who knows if you’d still be or become the same person you are currently? Or if those around you & that you know would be the same as well.

You’ve heard of those that have had “visions” or can “see into the future”. But as a time traveler, not only do you see into either the past or future, but you live in it. You see everything, feel everything, hear everything, what seemed impossible was made into a reality to you.

Going back to the past, you may see the person you once were, or wish you currently still were. You may save that loved one that later was taken to the other world. You may relive one of the greatest moments of your life, or worst. If you could change something from the past, what would it be? And would you accept what may become of the present after the change?

What if you were to travel into the future of your life? Or the life of others? Do you forget the past shapes the present & what occurs in the present shapes the future that lies ahead. Whatever path you set yourself on in the present will later reveal its true effect on you in the future. Are you sure you’re on that right path? Do you truly believe yourself to see success?

If you travel ahead of time before knowing the events that occurred to shape it, you could unveil a dangerous future. The outcomes would be based on how you are as a person & your decision making from the past & present. But since you chose to rush ahead, you could not prevent the fate of your future. The path you set yourself on in the present could very well take an unexpected turn or face an impassible obstacle. You may not even exist in the future because of it…..

Are you satisfied with what has happened throughout your life? Would you use this power to change your life, or even the world around you?

In life, you only get one chance. That one chance is vital for as it determines whether you will or will not have a future to live up to & see. After all that has happened in the past to present, do you truly see yourself in the future? Would you go back in time to change whatever has become of you now?

What about the others around you & that you know? Do you only care for changing time for your own life? Have you forgotten so quickly that the lives of others change as well? Your actions to change yourself can take effect on not just you, but the lives of others to where their own selves in the present & future can change. Or even become non existent.

Do you see how dangerous this ability is? You’re playing with time & the lives of yourself & others. A wrong move can ruin life for all of you in the present & future, even if you believe it to be a minor change.

That is why you must play life cautiously because there is indeed no turning back to change the past. There is no way to travel back & forth through time. Everything from past to present remains as how you made it. But everything from now & further on, is how you make of the future.

One can only dream of ever having such an ability to fix the mistakes made throughout life. But to also have an ability that can bring nightmarish consequences to the timeline of life, it is a true relief that such power is non existent.


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