The Failed Protector

I stood tall, stood strong, stood confident that I’d be the one to protect you.

I was ready to take on anything, I believed I had an impenetrable defense. You would never be touched, nor would you ever have to worry about any outside presence as long as I was around.

Each day that passed, it only further increased my awareness to make sure nothing could ever get through.

Some bad weather came on occasion, powerful storms would shift me off a bit, but I returned still remembering the duty I was committed to.

Little did I realize, every time I was shifted off, a small part of me was shifted also. It would slowly impair my awareness as I wouldn’t be as alert as I once was. I carried a belief that even as it impaired, that still nothing would penetrate the defense built.

I was so cocky, that I soon failed to realize my defense was weakening just as my awareness was. Had my awareness been back on point since the beginning, I’d have noticed the cracks & holes that were made from the storms.

I should’ve seen it sooner. I needed to patch those holes up, I needed to fix my defense & bring back my awareness up to part.

I tried to rush to fix it all. Rushing was my downfall. It takes time, effort, & carefulness to properly rebuild that defense. I feared something was coming to catch me off guard while I tried to fix it. I ran off to hurry & find whatever I felt coming & eliminate it. I ran off to also find a better way to fix you back to your original state.

What a fool I was to leave my defense unattended, broken, easily able to be toppled over or destroyed.

I rushed back only to find it still standing, but mysteriously fixed. What I tried to fix was done with a breeze & the defense I built was no longer mine. It belonged to the one responsible for its new look now.

Unbelievable. I left for only a short while only to return & find it not only penetrated, but made better than how it was originally built. And the intruder was…..welcomed. There was no fighting done, the intruder came in & showed you how they could fix everything & you allowed them.

I was outdone & banished from my own walls. I could hear laughter & snickers from the inside about how foolish I was for leaving it all open & vulnerable for that period of time. Even after I went out to make sure everything around was safe for me to take time to rebuild.

It was all my fault. I left you unattended, my awareness weakened, I didn’t sit & carefully examine what needed to be done & how. I ran off thinking I’d find something to make it all better. I believed in it. I was sure that when I found it, I’d make you much better than how I first built you.

All the time & effort into putting it together for you, gone. And I am to blame for it. This new look works well for you & you don’t want to go back at all.

I see….so now I must start over again. But this time, with a firm awareness to not allow the same mistakes to be made once again. Let it be a lesson to me indeed.

Where as one intrudes & takes over, one opens their doors & welcomes the one who wishes to redeem himself from their failure. One who will know how to fight off all intruders while maintaining an open path for their protector as long as he remains in line of duty as their protector.

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