A Victory in Defeat

You have been defeated.

Whether it was to someone or something, you stand face to face with defeat.

What do you do?

Do you allow the defeat to tear you apart? Do you lose hope & completely give up?

No no, that’s how a defeat truly defeats you. It keeps you down, has you feeling like you are a failure. You place blame upon yourself for not anticipating it before it came crashing on you.

But you didn’t expect it to come. You had everything planned, everything set, had so much sureness & confidence that you would be the victor.

Yet, your effort either wasn’t enough to bring home a victory. You may have not had full awareness of what was coming that caused the defeat. You may have been careless, too clumsy with your decisions & actions. Or you could have simply underestimated your opponent giving them too many opportunities to gain leverage to where you could no longer reach them.

However, there is no defeat that is without a victory within. That defeat can teach you what a victory cannot. That defeat can bring about an even greater victory that would’ve have never surfaced if you the victor.

You observe just exactly how the defeat was possible. You understand the faults that were at hand, you realize your senses need to be sharpened more than ever. A fire blooms inside of you as you figure it out within yourself & discover how you can once again taste a now more seasoned victory.

It all becomes clear what needs to be done. It all becomes clear how you can overturn this defeat into a true victory. You become better than you’ve ever been from this defeat.

They laughed at you when you lost. They lectured you about your faults. They took your confidence & determination & had you feel as though you could not ever come back from it. What fools they were. It only made the fire within you bloom even brighter with a more sophisticated purpose to be a victor again.

Now this is where you rise up from that defeat. Standing firm & tall, more smarter, faster, stronger than ever before. Make them regret they ever made you face defeat, or else they would not have unleashed the beast that roars fiercely.

A defeat in anything will always have a victory within it.

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