That One

You ever had good things happen to you where you grow so excited to tell the world of your accomplishments & success, but then boils down to wanting to tell a certain someone.

That one.

But before you do, you pause for a second.

And then you realize you can’t.

Because of some things that were unfortunate to you.

So then you stop, & the thought starts to eat you up inside.

Simply because it was something you yourself could not control or stop from happening.

But then understand all over again that it maybe could not have even happened had things been done differently.

Yet, you cannot reverse time, cannot go back to try & make a change.

Its already too late.

But you still want to tell of the good that’s happening. Yet, telling the whole world wouldn’t even be enough if you can’t tell that one.

It starts to hurt a bit that you can’t do it, simply because you don’t want to be hurt even more being reminded of the unfortunate things that’s taken place & start placing blame upon yourself all over again.

Even knowing all of that, you still constipate on whether or not to approach that one with the good news about you.

But constantly keep struggling because they are no longer beside you to hear it. No longer beside you to hear, no longer beside you to care possibly.

You’d think it as a 50/50.

Either they’d be so proud to hear it & cheer you on. Or your words would go in one ear & out the other.

That is quite a strong one to have you feel this way just off the strength of speaking good things. Don’t we all like to hear good things happen?

Maybe this one don’t like hearing things from you at all. Regardless if its good or bad.

Or maybe they no longer exist to even be able to hear the good.

You can tell the whole world the good from you, but if you can’t tell that one, it’ll all not even seem worth it.

The world can’t compete with that one.

Looks like you just have to hold off from telling that one once again the good that’s coming to you.

Will that one ever want to hear words from you ever again?

Who knows.

Only that one would know.

But you may never know.

And that one knows you never will.

Until that one reveals it to you.

But you don’t know when that time will come.

Neither does that one….

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