4 Life Lemons

So today you wake up & decide you want some lemonade!

But you soon realize, life didn’t give you any lemons to make that lemonade.

You’re quite thirsty & lemonade is only what you desire.

Yet, to get that lovely lemonade, you face 4 life lemons.

  1. Go out & get lemonade from someone
  2. Have someone make you that lemonade
  3. Wait for someone to bring you lemonade
  4. Get the lemons on your own & make the lemonade

Now lets do a little breakdown on each of these choices

Starting with lemon number one, “Go out & get lemonade from someone”

You’re quite thirsty for this lemonade. So you look over to see who else has some & begin to ask for some.

Now lets go furthermore into this choice.

This person you’re about to ask has made this lemonade for themselves. You’re asking them for some of it. There was a point in time where they were in your shoes. They could understand your thirst & be willing to help you. Or they can easily be bitter & refuse to give you some simply because they worked hard to get the lemonade they wanted to just easily give some up to someone who wants handouts. That’s a risk you’ll be taking.

Not only that, but if you were to receive some, who’s to say it will fully quench your thirst. What if you wanted more? Then you’d start asking for another sip, maybe another, and another, becoming quite the greedy person. Sooner or later, that person will cease on giving you anymore or until its all gone. Then you’ll go about your ways to later search for another that has lemonade.

Or what if you tasted it & didn’t like the flavor? Is it right for you to be upset that it didn’t taste good to you? If we recall, the lemonade was not yours to begin with, it was not made for the satisfaction of you. And then you want to be upset at the hand that tried to feed your need? Shame on you!

Moving over to lemon number two, “Have someone make you that lemonade”

Rather than ask someone for something of their own, you’re asking someone to make something for your own. Despite you having two arms & two legs (hopefully) to be up for the job, you request someone to do it for you giving a list of requirements the lemonade should have to satisfy your thirst. Now by doing that, this person (depending on what the requirements are) decides to approve of taking the steps to make it, or decline the job.

When they agree, they will put their best foot forward trying to make this lemonade as tasty as possibly to you while following all the list of demands. Yet, no human is perfect, no human is flawless. So there is no way this person can make that lemonade exactly how you picture it to be. That person may not know how to do certain things like you would but they still try just to please you. They make the lemonade, you taste it, but the flavor isn’t exactly how you imagined it. So you grow frustrated & send them to fix their mistakes. They try their absolute hardest to do so but still face a hard time meeting up to your expectations. That, or you never told them what it was that they messed up on. So they grow lost trying to figure out what exactly they did wrong without even knowing. But you expected them to be the person that makes it perfect.

Would’ve been more simpler for that person to just decline the job than go through the stress of making you happy.  While you’re focused on getting that perfect lemonade out of them, you fail to acknowledge the effort they put into attempting to make it so perfect for you. All the blood, sweat & tear given & you pay it no mind but only pay attention to how good the results are. That is quite the ungrateful attitude.

Lets go onto lemon number three“Wait for someone to bring you lemonade”

Patience is a virtue no doubt. But do you have patience to be patient? You are thirsty. Lemonade has been on your mind all day. You feel you don’t have the skill to make your own, you don’t want to ask for any help, but instead you choose to just sit & wait for some to appear out of thin air or be brought to you.

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Nobody would know that you’re thirsty for lemonade by not saying anything. Nobody would know you’re in need of help on how to make it. And nobody should just be sitting & hoping for something they want to appear out of thin air. This isn’t a fairy tale. Nor is it a State Farm commercial.

Even if you were to speak out about how thirsty you are for lemonade, who’s to say you’ll be guaranteed a pitcher of lemonade? That’s only if you’re lucky when someone decides to assist you in that matter.  At least you’ll be more humble & grateful than most.

But here’s the thing, with you waiting around so much, you may have a 50/50 shot of receiving pure lemonade, or adulterated. You’re placing faith that you’ll receive that star lemonade, but how will you know if its truly legit? It could look like it, sound like it, smell like it, feel like it, taste like it possibly, but still doesn’t make it 100% foolproof. You may have a bad aftertaste that stains your taste buds, it could be poisoned, could weaken or even ultimately kill you. You believe people are genuinely nice & wouldn’t do such things, but may later realize you were wrong. A very tragic way to fall when taking from the hand that was never washed.

And last but most certainly not least, lemon number four, “Get the lemons on your own & make the lemonade”

Independence is where it all starts! You woke up with the desire for that lemonade right? So why sit around & wait for it, why go out & beg for it, why have someone mess up on it, when you can get up & make it your own self. Aw I know, you’re tired, your bones are aching, you just feel so low on energy to where you just can’t seem to really take that step to getting what you want.

Well too bad! We’ve all been through it. And (at least I hope), we’ve all been able to overcome it & make things happen. Its called motivation! The drive for lemonade should have you full of energy to do all the necessary tasks to fulfilling your thirst. And get this, with you doing this all by yourself, you have absolutely no soul to worry about messing up the flavor, nobody telling you that you can or can’t have any, & nobody that would infest your lemonade as it will be within your sight & reach. You will have full control over it.

Not to mention, you being able to give it that flavorful taste you ever so desired all this time. Mmm mmm mmm, delicious right? I know, makes you wish you thought of doing this sooner right? All it took as a little motivation & a drive for it. Didn’t even seem that hard now did it? You may find yourself wanting to do it all over again.

Now, by becoming that person who worked their heart out for that delicious lemonade, you now play a part in lemon number one. When asked for some of your extraordinary lemonade, will you give out the helping hand? Or will you keep the hand to yourself? You start reminiscing on when you asked for lemonade & had unpleasant times with those that refused to. But do you let that alone stop you from being the kind hearted person you are on the inside? What if it was that person’s last dying wish to taste lemonade? I’m sure you would find some bit of sympathy within.

And then you may be asked how you made such a delicious lemonade? Just tell them the secret ingredients. Motivation & a drive!

So now that you know what these four life lemons are to be, which will you choose today?



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