When Its Over….

When you first realize it, you’re in denial. There were multiple times where it could’ve been, but things still held on. Things were still able to be pushed. There was still hope for the better of things to come.

But all of a sudden, you hit a wall. An immovable, indestructible, towering wall.

It stretches for miles, its so tall to where it appears to block the sun & sky.

You push as hard as you can to break through it, just as you did when other walls came about the way.

But there is no luck for that same succession. There is no getting through it, getting over it, or getting around it. Nothing can be done to proceed forward.

You sit & begin to think how it could get to this point. How the long journey has come to a sudden indefinite pause. How all the progress made behind you will start to just fade into distant memories.

No matter how hard you wish to continue making memories, the wall will continue to remain in its place preventing anything from going further.

So what happens next?


Nothing can happen next. The inevitable stands before you. You cannot change the outcome. Where there is always a beginning, there must always be an end. Alpha & Omega.

You wonder why it had to end this way. With a giant wall of silence that signals “none shall pass”. Not knowing why it stands before you. Not knowing why it can’t be broken through. Not knowing why it’s impossible to pass around.

There was no warning that it would come in this form. There was no indication or time to make preparations for this outcome. It was the least in your mind to worry about.

The more you try to force it to give you answers, the more you hurt your own self. The more you tire yourself out. The more you drive yourself into a state of desperation & insanity. Its painful. It hurts so bad to know there is nothing that can reverse this abrupt finale.

You want to believe there are ways around this wall, but no solutions are present to you.

You look back on all the good things thats happened. The good times, the happy times, the times where you felt there would be no conclusion to the joy. But it hurts even more realizing you cannot travel back & relive those moments. They only become trapped in your mind to reminisce & mourn upon. And it all keeps making you feel worse.

They say when you’ve reached low points, you expose yourself to greater changes.

Now take a look beside you. Notice those opening gates?

At first you didn’t see them due to you believing there was no way to go from this point. Your mind carried the illusion of nothingness. Once it begins to fade away, you notice that all along there was a solution before you.

Life continues.

Through those gates lies a new path full of new possibilities & experiences. A new journey for you to travel & discover even more than what you have. More than you thought you ever would.

When its over….there it begins.

The storm eventually goes away, allowing you to soar freely in the sky without fear.

The gates to a new world opens awaiting for you to pass through.

The sun shines as bright as it did the very first time you seen it.

The pain you felt was endless eases away.

It is time for you to rise up from that pit of despair & continue moving forward. Let it be a lesson that will forever be embedded in your mind to remember that whenever you reach another wall like that, there is & always will be an opening gate to a better place.


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