Satisfaction in Life

What is “The American Dream” to you?

Is it to live in a beautiful suburban home with a family of your own & money to blow?

To live a life peacefully with no mess or stress?

To be wealthy & healthy?

Have you ever looked amongst the rich & famous & gained a desire to have what they have?

Do you believe it within yourself that you would truly find satisfaction in having all the richest & fame & believing yourself to be living a successful life because of that status?

The urge for success is endless. Our wants are greater than our needs.

Think for a second.

What are the reasons behind those desires?

If you had everything you wanted, would you truly be satisfied? Would you truly find happiness?

Society has often misguided many into thinking materialism is where satisfaction & happiness can be gained. To have millions of dollars sitting before you & making you feel proud to have it in possession. To have a fancy mansion, fancy cars, fancy clothing & live amongst the high class.

Would it all be enough to hold you? Or would you find yourself wanting to go above & beyond every time?

Such being, having all the things you dreamed of having & then you see the person next to you with something more advanced or up to date. Would you be fine with settling for what you have? Or would that push you to obtain whatever it is that person has just for the satisfaction of having something better than before?

As they say, “more money, more problems”. Or better yet, “for the love of money is the root of all evil.” – 1 Timothy 6:10

And that is true.

The more money you have, the more the world wants it. The more fame you have, the more the world bothers you. The more success you have, the more the world wants to either contribute to it, or destroy it.

Once you become known to the world, your life will never be the same.

I doubt people have logical thinking when it comes to fantasizing about a life full of riches. They think they’ll have no problems at all & that they’ll always be happy because of the things in their possessions. Things that aren’t even living. Things that do not carry any real value. All for show & tell.

Take a look at things such as clothing. No doubt clothing is one of the necessities to life. But how far are you willing to go just for it? Take a look at how high the price of clothing can go up to. Do you truly believe a simple pair of jeans, a shirt, & shoes are worth paying over thousands of dollars for?

Does it grant you special abilities? Does it increase your IQ tenfold?

It does nothing but keep your body covered. Just as it was designed to do. But apparently, it does something more than that. And that is grant you more attention. Maybe even a bigger ego.

Realizing you can afford such expensive things, people look upon you with amazement. But only by the fact that you proudly buy those expensive things. Not for you. They look upon the money that sits under your name & the products you invest in.


Just look at the man above. Look at all that is beneath him. But look at his face. There is no smile. There is no happiness. Only misery. And misery loves company.

People tend to fall into this trance of working themselves to death believing there will be happiness in the very end when its all completed. But the dark truth many don’t want to pay attention to is that there may not ever be a light at the end of that tunnel.

This picture represents that there can be no light at the end. If your happiness comes from the things you want, you will never be truly happy.

Some may say that they are very happy to wake up to a bank account of over thousands. Maybe millions. Or that they are blessed to have all the things they’ve wanted & worked so hard to get.

But are all those things whats keeping you genuinely happy? Taking away all of those things would still result in you being happy?

You weren’t happy before you got those things. You believed you’d be happy once you did. So with those things gone from you, you’d return to your original state right? Who knows.



But look at these people. Living amongst a desolate land. Nothing under their name. Little to no money at all. Little to no clothing of good quality. Shouldn’t they be the ones to be unhappy because of the way they’re forced to live? Because of not having all those things people of today’s society dream to have?

Yet, they have a smile across their faces. How can they be smiling so proudly?

All they seem to have is their health. Their heart. Their life. And thats all they need to be happy.

Goes to show that there are people in this world who could care less for materialism just as long as they can continue to breathe & see light for as long as they can. Living & enjoying life is the root of their happiness.

Why can’t there be so much more people out there like this?

Life is not all about the fame, the fortune, the riches. All of those do not make you the better person. Nor does it mean you have a better life.

Life shouldn’t be all about a competition of who’s better than who. Or who can have the most of something first. This very view upon life has led to so much corruption in people. And it continues to spread like wildfire.

Why do people criticize the way others live? It is their choice to live the way they choose. Even if its quite an unfortunate way. But if happiness for life itself is what satisfies them, shouldn’t that be the case for all of us?

There is nothing more valuable than the gift of time & the gift of life as a whole. It offers you much more than those soulless things ever could.

Thats real satisfaction.

Your wants should not be the stem of your happiness. You may never be satisfied because of how endless they are.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It brought me here and i am so happy to read your words. It is so well written and so true! I pray more people can come to this realization – reading your words and feeling it in their hearts. Thank you for the light you are sharing with all of us. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well written and thoughtful! I wish more people, especially young kids, would realize life is not just about money and fame. Keep going, I can see that you are a very thoughtful and talented writer. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

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