There, a family sits before the man responsible for the death of a father, who was also a husband, an uncle, brother, and later a grandfather in the court room.

After the trial came close to being adjourned, the judge asks the family if they have anything they wish to say before the verdict is made official & the criminal is sentenced away.

There was no response. That was, until a young man stood up from the family.

“I have something to say your honor.” He says

The family & people around the room gazed at the boy. Some of the family members gave him a look as if they’d be disgusted at him for even speaking to the murderer.

However, the judge gave him the floor.

He walks over to the middle of the room & looks at the murderer. The room goes so silent that a pin could be heard hitting the floor.

He takes a deep breath & begins speaking:

“I could hate you for doing what you did. I could hate you for taking my father away from me. I could hate you for making our family suffer. But I cannot.”

“We’ve overcame a lot of hardships in life. My father swore that no matter what was to happen, he’d make sure he’d raise a son to become strong, healthy, & smart no matter the cost. He passed down everything he knew to me.”

“It was unfortunate that he had to go this way. So abrupt. But as we all know, one day its going to be that time. One day you will eventually lose your parents. Its a part of the human cycle.”

“But I believe my father succeeded in keeping his word. As his one & only son, I believe that he has completed his duty as a father. Without him, I would not be nearly half the young man I am today. Nor would I think I’d even be the man he’d want me to become in the future.”

“While I don’t know if anyone in my family could say this to you, allow me to be the first to say that I, my father’s son, forgive you for what you’ve done. I do not hate you for taking my father away. I will not live the rest of my life hating someone that made the inevitable happen.”

“I am forever grateful to have had a father like him. And forever grateful that he gave all his blood, sweat, & tears into guiding me to the right path in life. I will not look at you as the man who murdered my father, but as the man that made me realize that my father has fulfilled his duty to me.”

“Thank you.”

The young man did not cry during his speech, but the murderer & others amongst the courtroom, his family, & even the judge himself were in an emotional trance.

As he began walking back to his seat, his family stood up to surround him with hugs. The jury, the people, & even the judge began clapping for him. The murderer dropped his head in tears.

– Forgiveness


  1. Forgiveness is beautiful. Thank you for writing it. The world needs more forgiveness than anything else. If this is a true story I admire and applaud the young man in the story. If that young man was you, my heart and prayers go out for you. Blessings as you forge on in your life.

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