Scarred for Life

Three young African American boys dressed casually with hoodies are walking down a sidewalk in the evening.

As they walk, unbeknown to them, there is a police cruiser slowly following them far behind.

The boys are walking & talking amongst themselves until the police cruiser pulls up to the curb of the sidewalk they were on. In the blink of an eye, two police officers exit the cruiser. A white officer & a black officer.

“Hey! Don’t move! Hands against the wall!” The white officer yelled

“What?!” One of the boys responded


“Yo! We ain’t do anything!” One of the boys cried.

While two of the boys spoke out, the last one went over to the wall & placed his hands against them without a word said.

Both the white officer & black officer approached the boys & aggressively forced them against the wall.

“SHUT UP! DON’T YOU MOVE!” The black officer exclaimed.

“Yo what the fuck man! We ain’t do shit!”

The white officer begins to talk on his radio. “Yeah we’ve responded to a call about a group of boys vandalizing private property.”

The boys were aligned against the wall. One on the left, one in the middle, & one on the right.

The officers came up to each of the boys to frisk them.

“We ain’t do shit!” The boy on the left yelled

“Shut the hell up!” The white officer yelled back

“Forreal ya’ll can’t just come at us tryna arrest us for shit we ain’t do!”

The officers backed away after frisking & went over to the cruiser.

While they were over there, the boy on the left whispered to the other boys. “Yo, we needa run.”

“Nigga what?” The boy on the right whispered back

“We ain’t do shit, its two of them & three of us. I’ma run left, ya’ll run right & split around that corner. You ready?”


“Bro you ready?” The boy on the left whispered to the boy in the middle.

The boy in the middle remained silent.

“Look over your shoulder a little, what they doing?”

The boy on the right slowly moves his head towards his left shoulder to see the officers in his peripheral vision. “They over at they car. We needa dip now.”

“We go on three. One….two…..three!”

The boy on the left & the boy on the right quickly turn the opposite direction & dash off.

“HEY!” Both the officers shouted

The white officer began talking on his radio. “SUSPECTS ARE FLEEING. WE ARE IN PURSUIT!”

The officers both began to chase after each of them until they both pull out their firearm & began shooting at them.

“SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED! THE SUSPECTS ARE ARMED & DANGEROUS!” The white officer yells to his radio.

Both the boys are hit in the back with multiple bullets & fall down instantly. The officers ran over to their bodies & began beating them senseless until their lives gave away.

The boy that stood in the middle of the two still stood against the wall with his head down shaking in fear.

The officers approached the boy. “Why ain’t you run boy?” The black officer asked

“Because….I….I knew what would happen. I knew you hated us….”

“Get out of here. And you better not say a damn thing about this.” The white officer said

– Scarred for Life










  1. This is so true! My (white) brother was beat by the police in the early 1980’s. He lost a kidney in this beating, but he lost so much more like a sense of living. These beatings know no limits or boundaries! The pain never ceased and he took his life in 2012.

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  2. Your story is beautifully written. You made my heart ache when I came to the end. This is a reality that I know nothing about but you have captured the defiance, the fear, the desire to live, and presented them in a way that reaches out and touches you. Thank you for sharing.

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