No Chance

No chance whatsoever.

Maybe because too many were given & blown.

Maybe because deserving them was never shown.

No chance whatsoever, it’ll never be known

No chance of things returning the way they were.

No chance of redemption.

No chance of being given another chance.

No chance of making things right.

No chance of being trusted again.

No chance of being wanted again.

No chance of being seen again.

How does it feel?

To know it was declared that you have no more chances. That last chance was the last one & you didn’t even realize it until it was gone.

Do you try fighting for that chance you think is still possible?

It is like fighting with a brick wall.

No matter how much force you apply with your punch, kick, or charge, it will not crack or break. But you are determined to see if that chance lies behind it. Yet, the force you apply to take it down backfires upon your body because no amount of force from a human can destroy a brick wall.

Maybe there was never a chance behind it. But you believe there is. But why would there be a brick wall in front of it? Makes no sense. Whoever placed it there knew you couldn’t take it down. Was this a tactic used against you to give up?

They always did say to never give up no matter what. Yet, maybe it was anticipated that you wouldn’t do so. So the brick wall was a way of making you drain yourself trying to get through. A set up.

But you’d feel crazy for thinking you could do battle with a brick wall. But it would feel better than feeling pathetic for walking away without trying right?

Face it. There’s just no way that you can win. There’s no chance for it. If there was a chance, a brick wall wouldn’t have been placed in front of it. Perhaps something that was more breakable to prove yourself worthy of that chance.

Yet, what if there was never a chance behind it. What happens then?

It took for you to inflict that pain upon yourself to realize “what’s the point of all this?”. “Is all this pain I’m feeling worth it? What if there truly is nothing on the other side?”.

Clearly, that wall was meant to keep people away. Including you. Fighting it is pointless. You’re making matters worse for your own self. That wall feels no pain. You’re the one feeling all that pain from yourself & the pain you think the wall will feel from your force.

You should’ve just left it all alone. Everyone said it. Just move on & continue to live your life. It isn’t worth it. While there maybe no chance here, there will be more over there.

But by giving up, you’ll never know what’s behind that wall. Maybe there was some hope that your efforts would reward you if you kept going. But it will forever be unknown. And that’s what eats you inside. To never know of something you believe can be known if you continue.

Even after being exposed to more chances over there, the thought of that one chance will keep hitting you. As time passes on, you may wonder would things be how they are now if you had that chance. If you didn’t give up so easily & succeeded.

How do you truly know that there’s no chance? It could only be a temporary saying, & then that wall could erode & break down on its own revealing the truth. But you would no longer be there to see it.

Maybe walking away could be the right choice now, but could be the wrong choice later….


  1. Sometimes to run after a good chance we miss the best one. If we miss one waves in the sea we wait for the next to take us where we want to go.
    I think there is no end to chance. It is contineous. It just comes with different names.
    Very well written. 👍
    Happy blogging 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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