A Story of Two

They were complete strangers.

How they met was unexpected.

Both from two different sides of the earth.

Yet never knew they’d be connected.

A Story of Two

The Girl

An Intelligent, strong, & mature Aries who is driven by morals, teachings, necessities to life, & the way of the Lord. Naturally beautiful, & stands out as her own person as she strives for the success she ever so desires. A hard lover with a soft heart though never having the chance to reveal it. Strong willed even through doubts & worst times throughout life. True to her religion no matter what.

The Boy

A Righteous, mysterious, & unique Scorpio who is driven by beliefs, teachings, life’s needs, & a custom way of living. Handsome, & stands out as a possible leader of the future by the majestic demeanor he represents. Yet, struggles deep within himself battling inner demons that affect his decisions & judgment. A hard lover with a soft heart that has been revealed to many others that may or may not have deserved it.

They watched each other from afar. Studying their moves, admiring the presentation of who they are to the world, but yet did not understand why neither could step forward & reveal themselves to each other. That was until the boy, who would give small hits & clues about his desire to be known in her life to her, broke the ice that sheathed their emotions & stepped forward to her.

Unaware of how different they truly were on the inside, it did not stop the boy from opening his doors for her to venture through & witness who he was.

There was no physical connection. They could not feel each other whether it was to touch, hug, kiss. They could not smell each other, such as her perfume & his cologne. Yet, they could see each others faces & hear each others voice. All at a distance. Everything was in their head.

However, the girl was thrilled to get to know the boy who she herself had a hidden admiration for. While surprised at some of the things discovered behind those doors, him opening them to her & leading the way further increased that admiration.

A boy with so much potential to be something great in this world. And for her to feel like a chosen one by him. With the vibe between them blooming so bright, it was only a short time before she opened her doors to him as well.

He journeyed through them with her as well. Their minds grew increasingly fond of each other to where they felt they were spiritually holding each other. Both from a rather difficult past that is compelling to what they became of it.

They were both like no other to each other. And it furthermore blossomed the bond.

Something that was looked upon as just a friendship quickly became more.

But time began to tell the differences between the two.

Though quickly falling into what they declared “love” for each other, both had a different perspective on that powerful word.

The girl knew of love, knew its meaning, knew what it truly represented, but was never able to embrace it towards someone until she met him. She felt that he must be the chosen one to her life after being alone for quite sometime. She felt that he deserved every ounce of love she could offer despite being of a distance away. She trusted him, was comfortable with talking to him as much as possible & confiding in him, & a smile would always fill her face with his presence. Her loyalty would always be pure to him & should they ever have the opportunity to come together, their bond would feel complete.

The boy….

Well, he too knew of love, knew its meaning, knew what it truly represented, but has embraced that love to others in different ways than one. And ultimately, it left scars on his heart that cannot be healed. Before those scars existed, loving was simple as long as it was equally returned. The stress & pain inflicted upon him from the past destroyed a portion of the kindhearted person he was once to be. While he strongly fell for her beauty & mind & even later revealed his love for her, there was a problem. And that was the distance.

He felt because they weren’t physically near each other, that he could not fully express that love to her. There was no telling when that day would ever come for them to meet. Both were eager for it but one couldn’t truly be patient for it. Rather than lie to her about his feelings, he explained that until that day came, they would still be in control of their life decisions which meant they would be open to other people. Something the boy was more adapting to.

However, the girl did not understand. There would never be a want or need for her to engage in anything with anyone else. Distance meant nothing to her. She would always carry the patience & loyalty to him for as long as possible. That was what true love was in her eyes. Questioning his motives would have her heart slowly crack upon realizing his reasons.

But a promise was made. To never forget about each other no matter what was to happen in between. To always remain at each others side no matter what. And the boy was determined to keep that promise as he traveled through his life with a desire to have a girl just like her. He would deny any long term commitment with anyone because of their future plans & he would also retrain himself from ever having sexual relations with anyone.

Slowly, the boy’s attachment to her increased & he began to realize that she was someone that he never met, never seen, & only could go by her words & actions. He was more in tone with his sense of deception as the feeling was strong after experiencing it numerous times. Even after admitting that he could find himself being with someone for the time being, the thought of her doing the same would trouble him. Trust issues they called it.

Not to mention being reminded by fellow peers that there could be unknown truths & unknown things happening amongst the shadows of their distance.

He did not want another scar to add onto his heart.

But the girl would genuinely tell the truth about her whereabouts & actions. With her attachment to him growing faster than his way, staying true to the promise & her words of not ever wanting anyone but him was easy. Yet, in the back of her mind, the same feeling towards possible deception was there. But her love & trust would override it. Believing that he would not do such a thing.

Until he met another. And then another. And then another that turned out to be more serious than the rest.

How he could sit & talk to her everyday, express his love for her, & still say he promises they’ll be together while possibly saying those same words to someone closer to him was beyond her completely. The image of him with someone else would crack her heart even more. Would even have her sick to her stomach.

When she’d cry out to him, he would grow frustrated. More concerned with the conversations they’ve had prior to everything happening thinking they were at an understanding & that she was just overreacting, he would vaguely acknowledge her feelings towards his actions because he knew he couldn’t stop himself. It was what he wanted, & nothing would change that until the day they’d come together.

She would wipe her tears & continue to cover the pain. To think they started off with cheerful smiling to wind up in pain with crying. How much more of this could she take she would wonder. But he would remind her of the future that was to come for them every time she doubted their bond lasting through what he was creating. She believed in it & continued to have faith that the storm would clear like he promised. She could not see herself with anyone but him. She did not want to ever let him go. If he were to ever do so, it would destroy her completely.

She thought keeping quiet & accepting things how they were would be the best thing to do.

But it wasn’t. With her concealing her pain from him, she would suffer from it all by herself. It was like he was poisoning her mind. Having her to believe there would be good to come from the bad he was doing. Her high hopes would be crushed with every thought of him with someone else. And it didn’t stop because he didn’t stop.

Deep inside, the boy felt the guilt in all he was doing & how she was hurting from his decisions & lack of patience for their future. All that seemed to matter to him was the promise of always being there & never forgetting each other. No matter who he was with, he swore to keep that promise. But he himself would battle with staying true to that promise when someone would offer him the same love & affection he dreamed of having with someone that was like her.

If only he met her before he would wish.

He was never the type to hurt feelings intentionally. But with the position he set himself in, someone would inevitably be hurt. A decision between what is now or what will be later. He foolishly thought he could maintain both.

She could no longer deal with the pain & decided to leave after unleashing emotions & tears she kept hidden & for him to lash out as if she was wrong for wanting no more of it. He thought maybe they just weren’t meant to be & that he should pay attention to whats in front of him. But that proved to be far too difficult.

With so much time between their connection established, so much love, trust, & comfort that were dedicated to each other even from a distance, he could not simply turn away from it all. He went out of his way through crazy routes just to apologize & speak to her again. To his surprise, she returned despite no real change other than her trying to keep her faith in them together once more.

The boy would later be shot down by hardships in his life that made him separate himself from the world. Worried immensely for his well-being, she hoped & prayed for the better of things to come for him as well as him not forgetting their bond. When he returned, better things did indeed come to him. But she realized that he was not the same as he was before.

He was not the boy she once fell in love with.

Instead he seemed more emotionless, more stagnant, more selfish. While he gained a new motivation to work hard in life so they could have a better future, he became more accepting of things being how they are. He knew who he was, he knew of his problems that only he could fix, but he knew that not everyone will stay in his life forever. So should she ever decide to go, he would still be breathing fine as he was before they met. He knew he could not be that saint he wanted to truly be for her.

That hurt her even more. Realizing that the boy now did not seem to care if she was in his life or not. To feel of unimportance to him than before. She did nothing but love & care for him all that time to now feel guilty of doing something she never did to cause him to be such a way.

But they finally reached a point where they could see each other in person. To show he still loved & cared for her like before, he went out of his way to see her. To apologize for all the pain he caused her. And that his sights would only be set upon her as they could now see each other. Which was the one thing he wanted for him to feel an official attachment.

They felt each other, hugged, kissed, & finally seemed happy to be whole. Like a dream come true.

However, in order for him to feel truly comfortable, he would have to relief himself from any guilt from within. To be open & honest with her so that there was nothing hidden from each other. So he revealed to her that he did in fact have sexual relations with the last girl he was with. Even after declaring it would not happen.

The times he said he was going away & would talk later were times he’d spend with the other girl & several of those times involved intimacy. Something she would never have even thought once of doing, he was doing all along behind her back. Having her believe that he would genuinely keep his word. Deception was happening right underneath of her & she was completely unaware of it.

His apology & plead for forgiveness was not taken so lightly by her. Her heart was nearly breaking from all the cracks he created. Yet, he was no saint. Nor was he ever perfect. Honesty was a step to righting his wrongs. While what he did was in the past, they could work towards the future. She forgave him for his deception, but would never forget the act.

The boy thought with her forgiving him, that they were truly moving forward. Thus he began rushing into doing things the girl could not jump into especially with those things reminding her of his betrayal. She rather wanted things to be taken slow to recuperate from all the pain inside.

He failed to realize that she truly was not like the others he was with. And that all that he done had slowly pushed her trust & comfort away from him. Everything was in the past. He wanted to move on from it. Why she fully couldn’t would frustrate him.

She would wonder how he could even be the one frustrated. She had done no wrong to him, no acts of deception to him. So he had no right to ever be upset towards her just because she resisted doing things that were out of her character all because he saw it as a way of opening the relationship more but really wanted to have that similar relationship like with others.

His demands, his pressure, & the change in his heart ultimately made those cracks in her heart give out. Shattered. Enough was enough. It was time to put an end to this misery.

She disappeared. Though already going through struggles in life, the feud between the two placed more strain upon her. She needed time. Fearful of the end being near, he desperately tried to contact her giving her no room or time to gather her thoughts.

Her emotions lash out upon him once again.

Angered at all he had done.

Angered at what he he had become.

Angered at the shadows of the past.

Now knowing that they will never last.

She became accepting of how things would be. There would be no more tears, no more pain as long as things were to cease immediately. He was no longer the same person she once fell in love with. And he was trying to change her for his own personal reasons. His deception ate her inside time after time & all that he was doing was a constant reminder to why she couldn’t forget anything.

The boy lashes out in frustration, but desperately cries out for her to stay.

But she was immune to his emotions.

As it seemed all this time he was immune to hers, why should she continue to be vulnerable to his?

It was time to purge herself from the poison he inflicted on her all that time. She should have done so a long time ago. Believing he deserved a second chance may have been the worst mistake.

Perhaps being friends or starting completely over would do some good to them she thought. But to him, he believed no good would come from it. Having to look at the person he once had immense love for & desired a future with as just a friend would anger him in so many ways. Primarily, if she were to find someone else better than he ever was.

Their anger lashed out on each other one last time. And then silence came about between them.

Within that silence, she drifted away.

There was no goodbyes, no final farewell, no reminder of the love always being there despite the separation. She rejected him from her life fully eliminating any trace of him.

However, the boy could not come in terms with the end. With her gone, the promise he kept would be broken & the future he desired with her would change. He could never eliminate her fully in no way shape or form. Though, no matter how much he tried to contact her, tried to apologize, & declare he would change, it was all too late.

His presence in her life was no longer welcomed.

In desperate attempts to speak to her once more, he underwent numerous aliases to continue his sorrowful apologies & begs for forgiveness to continue on.

But to be left alone was all she wanted. His efforts further angered her & she by all means made sure his words would never reach her. Barricaded herself from him.

A daring attempt the boy made by going out to see her one last time. He was not welcomed. It was demanded he stay away or else he’d face consequences. A quick phone call away from ruining his life. Assassinating his character with shots of a stalker, weirdo, crazed, deranged lunatic & such. There was nothing he could do or say to sway her from the final decision. Though, he did not stop trying which made matters reach a more worse extent.

Was he wrong for going out his way to right the wrongs? Nearly costing his future, was she worth it? In the eyes of the Scorpio boy, yes she was.

To think someone he loved dearly would look upon him as an enemy. How could he blame her? He did in fact destroy her heart & manipulate her mind. Something an ally would never do.

He lost her, & it was himself to blame.

Like most males, all the faults & mistakes are realized upon things ending. The emotions run more rampant than they ever did as he understands why she forced herself to go. To understand had he not ever been that way, she would still be in his life. To understand that if he had true patience like her that she would have never felt the way she did inside. To understand that if he did not break his word that she would truly trust & feel comfortable with him.

He became relentless in trying to get his words out to her. Even after barricading herself from him in every way possible. He was sacrificing his righteous character for her. But that would be a waste of a sacrifice.

There was no telling if the girl would ever be so forgiving again. As it is said, once the Aries has finalized their decision, it is what it is. Maybe had he calmly accepted her decision they could have kept a small presence in each others lives. But there was no chance of that she stated. No chance of her ever wanting him to return. Though, she still loved him inside. It was the first love she ever experienced. Unforgettable. But drastic actions would have to take place to keep him away.

It was suppose to be done, but with him not letting go, the feud would continue.

The boy would not ever forget her. He would be in a constant state of regret for all he had done to her. She lives her life just as she did before they met. And he lives his with the constant thought about everything they been through when they met.

Maybe it all was a lesson for the boy to understand just how much the word “love” can mean to someone so he wouldn’t use it so loosely from then on. Maybe it was all a lesson for him to understand that you should never pressure change in someone. To accept who they are & be understanding with how they think & why.

The girl was who she was for a reason.

The boy was who he was for a reason.

Both with a unique mind & a loving heart but grew incompatible with each other.

They were still young with their whole lives ahead of them to experience new things. But how much good would it be without being at each others sides as promised?

Only time could tell if their incompatibility would ever be overridden by the love they started with.

– A Story of Two

(Based on a true story)

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