Lost Child


Life is just getting harder

I try so hard playing smarter

Could never get into Harvard

My dreams keep getting farther

My heart keeps getting darker

My sense aren’t getting sharper

This feeling ain’t right for me

Think its time for my departure


I’m always crying at night

No matter how hard I fight

Can never get it all right

Just a broken & fallen knight


The struggle is getting too real

Can’t even find me a meal

These wounds will never heal

My fate been had a seal

They see me struggling to manage

Won’t even give me a bandage

Won’t even listen & understand

Won’t even lend me a helping hand


My family told me to keep going

Stay in the boat & keep rowing

But the boat keeps overflowing

And the misery keeps on growing


My mind is running so wild

Can’t never seem to smile

I feel like an exile

Forever a lost child


  1. I love your writing. You really bring me into what your saying. Since I am a speed reader, it takes a lot for me to slow down and read something to the point that I feel it. Your writing does that, where I find myself saying it aloud and wanting to feel the emotion and weight of what you’re writing.

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