Inner Torment

“Wh-wh-who are you??”

With a sinister smile, the illusion replied, “I am you.”

“No. No you aren’t!”

“Yes. Yes I am.”

“No…no that can’t be!”

“Yes…yes it is to be!”

“No. This has to be a trick!”

“There is no trick. I am who you wish you were to be.”

“I do not wish to be you!”

“Yes you do. You keep me concealed within you always afraid to release me.”

“You are not real!”

“Oh, but I am to you. You see, you created me. I am the reason you wake up in the middle of the night. The voice in your head as you walk through the day telling you to give in. The wicked that lies in the shadows amongst those dark corners in your mind. You feed me with the anger inside. I am the very thing you want to be.”

“I will never be you!” He swings upon the illusion of himself

The illusion swiftly dodges his attacks while laughing at his attempts to strike him down. “Why continue to fight me? I am a part of you that you cannot eliminate.”

“Get out of my head!!”

The more he swung, the more he was feeding the illusion with power. It’s laugh began to echo though his ears & his eyes were believing the illusion to be multiplying. Wherever he turned, it was always standing before him.

“Fighting me is futile. You anger further feeds into my existence.”

“Leave me alone!”

Away he tried to run.

“No. I won’t. Not now. Not ever. I will not rest. I will continue to plague your mind for as long as you exist.”

The illusion followed his every move. Its voice echoed everywhere he treaded. “You can’t escape yourself. I am everywhere & nowhere. I am your future. I am your soul.”

“Get away from me!”

There was nothing but blackness surrounding him. He could not see his whereabouts nor did he have any vision of where he ran. The illusion’s bright spectral glow would shine before him tormenting him & his efforts to escape it.

“Resisting me makes me stronger. Yes, hate me! Curse me!”

Its sinister laugh continued to follow him until he opened his eyes. It was all a nightmare. Or was it truly? Could there be something brewing deep within himself?

– Inner Torment

(To be continued….)




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