Is it easier to hold on, or let go?

As you hold on, you retain all the thoughts, all the emotions, all the pain, all the stress.

When you let go, you abandon it all. You purge yourself from the pain & whatever was corrupting your mind as you held on.

But was it a simple thing to do?

You only realize just what was let go of after that grip is loosened. In the heat of the moment, all you wanted was to rid the soreness in your hand from holding on so tightly.

In some situations, you may hear: “Don’t let go!”. Such as you holding on to something that could very well save your life. But you’re struggling. Your hand can’t hold on forever. And then it slips slowly until you no longer feel a connection. Now you fall…..

Only then do you start to wonder if letting go has truly gained you any benefits. You still find yourself thinking about all the times you did hold on, & remember how you once said you would never let go no matter what was thrown at you.

Sometimes you wonder if the soreness would have gone away on its own somehow making it more comfortable for you to continue to hold on. But it felt as thought it was never ending. So there was no way you’d imagine yourself allowing pain to continue its course upon you.

But it was the feeling that you felt before the pain started. You felt joy, happiness. It felt as though your mind was in a beautiful fairytale where there were rainbows everywhere. As long as you continued to hold on, that feeling would always remain. It helped ignore the pain.

Letting go removed the pain, but also the happiness that stemmed from the fairytale. Neither would come back. Was it the right decision to make?

Perhaps the pain was overriding that fairytale & crushing the happiness. Nobody wants to live in depression & despair. Nobody wants to keep being battered down by the pain. You had to let go for your own good. You believed letting go was for the better. Though the better was not to come straight away. Only gradually. Patience is the key. A step to the road of a better you.

But then, maybe that happiness was dominating the pain inside. You felt as though as long as you held on, you would always be happy. You would never feel alone, never feel down. Holding on made your colors bloom ever so brightly. It made you the best you could be. Yet, letting go removed all of that & now you feel cold, weak, worthless. You believe you will never have that feeling of contentment again. Holding on was the only way it would stay you thought.

Happiness & pain are two inevitable but concurrent feelings. Both can occur at the same time, both can end at the same time.

Sometimes being happy can be painful. But sometimes being in pain can make you happy.

As you hold on to something, those feelings constantly intertwine until it leaves your hand. You know that in order for something new to come along, you must put down what was old first. Out with the old, in with the new.

But it is hard to accept it. Maybe more time was what you wanted. Maybe you aren’t ready to pick up something new. Too much feelings was invested in what you already had to easily reinvest into something else. And that is why those feelings will forever linger inside of you.

You want to believe you will be happy again like you were before. You want to believe you won’t feel pain like you felt before. Letting go seems to be the only way for you to find out what there is to be.

But are you truly ready within yourself to see?

If not now, do you think you ever will be?

Those feelings you had won’t ever be the same no matter whats new in your hand. They’ll forever be different. So different that you’ll find yourself becoming different just to adapt to them. But it won’t be because it feels right to you. It is only so you’ll find a way to feel the same way you felt before you decided to let go.

So before you make that decision to drop what you held so tightly, ask yourself this one question: “Will I remain as the same me when I release?”

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