Natural Beauty

Boy do I love it.

Beauty from the power of nature & not mankind.

Just imagine fresh green grass, a cloudless sunny sky on a sweet day in spring, fresh clear blue water, & a gentle cool breeze. A breathtaking scenery.

Its fascinating to see just how beautiful things can naturally be without the tampering of us humans. Man, there are things we’ve flat out ruined in all honesty.

Like women for instance. I love them. Can’t imagine a life without them. I mean how could we ever?

What I can imagine though, is women being more appreciative for the natural beauty they were gifted with. I’m talking under all the cosmetics, wigs, weave, implants, whatever is used to have them defining themselves to be beautiful.

Look at yourself in the mirror without all of that. There’s beauty already there. What more needs to be added? Maybe you don’t feel the beauty because of the lack of attention? Or just doubt yourself to even be close to beautiful as you look upon others you believe to be beautiful with their face drenched in makeup, all slim & fit with well developed curves, breasts & a booty that makes heads turn quick & stare.

Your natural beauty starts with acceptance. Accepting the way you look, accepting who you are, & embracing it with no hesitation. Self love for yourself makes that natural beauty bloom more than all those cosmetics ever could.

Now, in realistic terms, I’m not saying I’m completely against women using cosmetics to make themselves look beautiful. Implants & injections on certain body parts maybe. But I’m more so expressing how I prefer women to not rely on those things to make them feel beautiful.

The effort I see women put into looking “beautiful” is getting out of hand. All the makeup, implants, plastic surgery, & the type of clothes worn just doesn’t do any good to the beauty that’s beneath it all. Only to whats outside of the shell perhaps.

And then how they carry themselves too. Feeling as though resorting to those things are the only way to feel beautiful. Feeling as though they are always in competition with the woman next to them in terms of appearance. Forgetting how beautiful they’ve always been since the beginning by listening to the words of others that point out their flaws. What flaws are there if you know you’re beautiful as you are?

Or even for them to have a ridiculously big ego over top of what covers the shell feeling as though they are above all others. Feeling like they are “too beautiful” for the likes of certain people. Their attitude all mean, nasty, over the top because they feel superior with all the attention they grab. Men drooling over all the skin showing & desperately trying to be noticed, woman either praising the beauty or criticizing it. It further feeds their ego even more.

I don’t know which is worse. The type of women that can’t accept what they were given & rely on changing their appearance for satisfaction & to look like everyone else, or the type that does it so they can get more attention & a fan base of people praising them to be so beautiful & feel superior.

What happened to that classical & natural beauty?

Just look at how women were before the new millennium. 90’s & under. Thats what I refer too. What an age I wish I was growing up in.

It wasn’t just about the looks. It was how they presented themselves physically & mentally. Embracing the looks they were gifted with along with not letting it take over their consciousness. Smart, educated, classy, quite the marrying type. While there still are women in today’s society with such qualities, they’re quite rare in my eyes. I definitely don’t see them walking around where I’m from. Its usually their counterpart I tend to see. Which are the type I explained above.

I can’t say appearance doesn’t matter to me when it comes to being with a woman. But its not what defines me wanting more with them. Your appearance tells me how you take care of yourself on the outside. But as we converse, your words & way of thinking tells me about yourself on the inside & how you take care of yourself mentally. Your looks could never override that.

Maybe a foolish man might allow it, letting his second brain take over his consciousness because of his excitement towards whats in front of him. Well….can’t say thats never happened to me. Although, I still found myself with some that had a good mindset. For the time being that is. No telling what became of them in later days.

I know, people are entitled to think the way they think, act the way they act, feel the way they feel even if it isn’t anything positive. Let alone me still being in the early stages of life to even be worrying about women. Its best to prepare myself now than later when I’m all drained from dealing with the wrong kinds. I just can’t help but admire the kind from the old days hoping my future wife to be alike. They deserve all the attention & for good reasons. Not these…”hoes” they call ’em.


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  2. Loved this piece, it echoes many of my own thoughts! I think is so sad how women choose to portray themselves and the lengths they will go to, in order to achieve what they think is ‘beautiful’; when they had it all along. Sx 🙂

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