Menacing Temptation

On a dark evening, a young man rushes up to his room & opens his closet to pull out a container thats stashed away. Upon opening it reveals a 9mm Pistol with six bullets beside it.

He gathers the bullets & loads them into it’s clip, turns off the safety switch, & rushes downstairs to the front door.

“What do you think you’re doing?” A voice spoke from behind him as he placed his hand on the doorknob.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” The young man replies without turning his head to see who it was.

“You about to do something stupid & regretful is what it is.”

“I ain’t gonna regret shit. They gonna get what they deserve yo.”

“Nobody deserves that.”

“How the fuck can you say that? These niggas think they can just do shit like this & get away with it? Nah they deserve to feel pain.”

“Its only gonna get worse.”

“I don’t give a fuck! I ain’t scared of nothing! I ain’t scared of nobody! I’m ready!”

“This is not your life. I knew it from the moment I met you.”

“You don’t know me!”

“I do man. I been did. Because you have everything I didn’t. A home, a family that loves you, a future.”

“So what?! I’m not boutta let these niggas get away with this shit! I’m doing this for you!”

“But I do not want this to be done. Not by anyone. Especially you.”

The young man began to twist the doorknob slowly.

“Its not worth it. You will regret this for the rest of your life. You have so much to live for. Look at all the things you’ll be leaving behind just for this one act that I did not want you to do. This is not the path you want to take because I took it & look what happened. It is not meant for everyone. The world doesn’t need more menaces. That’s why they set us up on this path to kill ourselves.”

“But they think I’m weak. They out there laughing & having a ball after what they did. I have to do something.”

“No you don’t. They will get whats coming for them. Put the gun down.”

The young man’s heart was racing as the temptation to leave was rising.

“Let it go.” The voice moved closer towards him. “Don’t do the very thing they expect you to do.”

“I…I can’t do this without you man.”

“I will always be there wherever you go. You will never be alone.”

The young man felt the presence of a hand placed on his shoulder. Upon the feeling, he let go of the doorknob, drops his forehead against the door & then drops the pistol. All the anger he felt turned into tears.

But all along, nobody was behind him.

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