Mental Power

Man is believed to be the most powerful being in the world.

And also the most dangerous.

The key to that power & danger does not lie in physique. Nor does speed. Though such things do boost the capabilities.

It is the brain, the mind, the very thing that controls all the functions of one’s body. While it is the most powerful thing you have, it is the very thing that makes you dangerous. But it is also your greatest weakness.

Mastering the art of the mind will unlock potential you would have never believed to be possible.

You could be ahead of one that hasn’t mastered their mind. Or, realizing that he who doesn’t control the mind cannot control himself, you could seize the opportunity to…..take control of that mind.

A decisive technique used to conquer the weak. It has been used for centuries, & is even still used currently.

While we are all part of one race, one life cycle, on the same Earth. But we are separated by various things. The skin, the body, the clothes, the mind. Yet, the mind has the most impact out of all.

The mind can make us believe we are different because of those things. The mind can make us think a certain way because of those things.

Why do you think there are those that want to control it?

Why do you think there have been those who succeeded in controlling it?

Just take a glance at history & see the efforts one has gone to gain dominance. Look at how effective gaining control of ones mind is.

People who understood the mind, understood that you could live a life of peace & tranquility. Valuing the gifts of life, appreciating nature, spreading joy to others & creating positive energy. Violence is unnecessary. It does nothing but create war, terror, & destruction amongst people & the world.

Yet, you have those who understood that the mind can give you power & authority. Completely going against a life of peace for a life of dominance against those they believe to be weak & inferior. Striking first to gain the advantage. Taking control to furthermore increase the power. And expanding the tyranny to create the negative energy that keeps the balance.

And it all begins with a thought.

When you think it, you question it. And when you question it, you develop a solution to it. And once you find your solution, you take action on it. You bring that thought to your reality. And when there are multiple people with the same thought trying to figure out a solution, you have the advantage. Your answer is their answer, & they will follow you.

Genocide…..slavery. The very examples of the extreme dangers the mind has.

For a genocide, one or more has to be fully convinced that a certain kind if not all kinds are inferior to theirs. Their minds do not compete, their way of life cannot connect with theirs, the world would be better if their existence was eradicated. And they take action to purge the world from what they believe to be vile creatures.

With their minds set to search & destroy, show no mercy, they believe what they are doing is for the greater good of the world & them even if those very people were of no threat at all.

Their minds could never be set to any villainous thoughts, & since they chose not to engage in any art of wars to live in peace, they are absolutely powerless to the oppressors. No battle strategies, no defenses, they are to suffer from another man’s thought against them.

Or they can simply just….yield. Give into the oppressors & surrender their lives to prevent their wrongful death.

Submitting to slavery, submitting to living under a dictatorship led by the very oppressor that initiated the conquest. However, instead of slaying , with the advantage they have in the mind games, they realized the potential of keeping them alive.

With them already surrendering, they are of no threat, absolutely powerless to defend themselves from anything. So why not have them to do thy bidding? Utilize their domination to have them create things at their disposal. Should they fail, they are punished severely or executed. That should place a great amount of fear in them to make them never deceive their word.

The people who followed the person who began everything honor & praise him to be the higher one. They serve under his word & carry authority over the slaves.

Just think about it for a second.

All of this began with a single thought.

If you want to grow a big tree, it begins with a small seed.

That small thought of wanting to take control of things grew into a whole genocide & dictatorship. That is the incredible dangers of the mind. And us humans struggle with it everyday…..


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