Alter Ego

We all have one.

Our opposite.

Our counterpart.

A side that takes the extra mile you wouldn’t be so willing to take.

The one that isn’t fearful to consequences for the actions taken.

Just like your true self, it has its own entity. It carries its own mindset, its own thought process, its own belief system. A splitting image of where it originated from.

Like looking into a mirror, it has the complete appearance of you.

And everything it carries comes from what you oppose.

When you are a positive, kind-hearted & righteous individual who wishes to make the world a better place & help make the lives of others better, you simply oppose whats opposite of that.


You wish to cleanse the world from it. Wanting to help & save others from all kinds of evil that are everywhere. You wish to block out any form of negativity to maintain a positive life of peace & tranquility along with spreading it to those within your reach.

However, your alter ego has an agenda that defies all of that. Being a negative, vicious & sinful individual who shows no fear or mercy to cause havoc amongst people for its own benefits. Or perhaps being a more cunning & risk-taking individual than you ever could think yourself to be.

Maybe you feel yourself to be too soft. Too fragile. Too kind. Maybe you want to become different. More tougher, less kind, & more stern. But that change, can be dangerous yet even deadly.

As life progresses, you constantly witness the crazy sides of other people as well as experience hard times, & in some cases, it may affect your life in a negative way that may make you want to embrace that alter ego as a form of expressing the anger & frustration.

From a caring person to a careless person. Such thing does not occur overnight. It takes a constant beating to the heart for you to come to that conclusion. Becoming such a careless person makes you feel no pain at all. And when you no longer feel pain, you enjoy it so much to where you forget what even made you become this way. As if you should’ve been this way all along.

But its vice versa as well.

Should your true self be the negative individual, your alter ego is simply the opposite. Often being the voice of reason & making you begin to question your treacherous actions to where you may find yourself experiencing a powerful metamorphosis within yourself.

Such as a child growing up around all kinds of negative influences. An abusive family, being misinformed on so many things, denying anyone else’s beliefs but their own, taught to respond with violence rather than words for as violence gets the job done quicker, & so forth.

At some point in their life, a revelation is destined to happen. While being so convinced that this is who they are meant to be for the rest of their life, the alter ego brings out the revelation by them realizing that they have done so much wrong to people that have never done any wrong to them. They never carried any real reason to destroy peoples lives, but always carried pain within because of what they were surrounded by & remembrance of brutal assaults against them when they too never did any wrong. When people assumed there was no emotion within that one, the alter ego proves them wrong. There as always been emotions, they’ve just been dormant.

Do you believe there to be an alter ego of who you are? Have you noticed it? Embraced it? Shunned it? Or are you unaware of when it takes control?

Do you find it to be your best friend or your worst enemy?

Do you find yourself taking on a different persona in certain cases that your normal self couldn’t handle?

If so, do you make the excuse of “not being yourself” when all thought you would never take on such actions?

One powerful quote comes to mind:

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

A hero’s most powerful villain is not always an outside source. A hero can die, but will forever be known as a hero for the heroic deeds done during their existence. Yet, nobody could ever be able to dissect the internal struggles a hero faces. And not even the hero can do it themselves.

Should they still exist, even after the heroic deeds, they are still not immune to corruption. And with corruption of a hero, brings about a new villain no one would have expected.

Why do you think friends can turn into enemies? And why do you think enemies can become allies?

Only you determine just how much power your alter ego can have. Yet, who’s to say its presence within you has no purpose?

Look deep within yourself & wonder:

“Do I know who I am, or who I will become?”




  1. Your writing is thoughtful and powerful and asks good questions. My opinion: The struggle exists in most people. The outcome is determined by a mixture of events and the view we have of ourselves. Those that spend time around others that work for good, find good things. It’s when the struggler forgets this and finds their shelf invested in anger that bad things happen. Then it becomes a real fight to break free. I say this because I’ve been there. Writing always helped me “see” what I was feeling. I think your writings can help others see what they are feeling too.

    Liked by 1 person

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