Agony of the Soul

At a distance before him was some sort of floating entity. It had the appearance of a beautiful woman. A woman he would marry instantly on sight without hesitation.

Gorgeous in a bright white gown with a stunning & sexy body of a goddess. It made him aroused just by looking. He found himself too attached to the sight of her to notice his surroundings.

And yet, there was nothing around him. Nothing but blackness. But somehow, he was able to stand as if underneath him was invisible platforms that led to the entity.

The entity’s alluring appearance drew the man to get closer. He slowly walked straight towards it almost as if he was hypnotized to already do so.

The entity spoke: “You are such a handsome man.” She spoke in a very lusty voice.

He nodded in return. “Yes. Yes I am.” He said proudly

“A handsome man like you deserves to be treated right.”

“Yes. Yes I do.”

“Don’t you get tired of people taking advantage of you? Taking advantage of your kindness? Betraying your trust?”

“I can’t trust anyone. Nobody truly loves me, I hardly get any attention from anyone.”

“Aw baby, I understand. That is why I want to help you.”

“Help me? How?”

The entity began to slowly float closer to him, & began circling around him. “I want to give you all the things you have ever wanted.”

“How would you even do that? This…this isn’t even real.”

The entity leaned over to his ear & whispered in a soft voice: “So you don’t….trust me?” 

“I…I don’t know.”

“Baby, I want you to never feel the way you feel again. I want to make you happy forever.”

“I don’t think anyone ever could.”

“Oh really? What if I did this?” The entity moves to his side & raises her hand out in front. Then, a large stack of money appeared in front of them both.

“But…this is all just a dream.” The man seemed unamazed by the sight of cash.

“You think I can’t change your life baby? I can give you much more than that. All the things you ever wanted. I want you to be happy.” She pleaded

Along with the cash appeared a reflection of him, sitting in the middle of multiple women while wearing fancy clothing.

“This just doesn’t seem right…”

“All you have to do is trust me baby.” The entity floats in front of him face to face & offers her hand for him to take.

Her beauty, her voice, her glowing aura, & the ability to grant him anything he desires was incredibly tempting. But what would the cost be? It all seemed too good to be true even despite being a dream.

But all throughout his life has he ever wanted attention. To be loved, to be noticed, acknowledged, & be somebody. The beautiful entity could guarantee that for him, & he looked at the opportunity as if it was once in a lifetime.

He then reached his hand out & grabbed hold of the entity to confirm his trust. She gave a nice & delightful grin feeling so happy.

But then….

Her hand set fire to the man’s hand. Almost immediately did the man try & let go, but he found he could not. The money behind them also set fire & that beautiful smile evolved to a dark & sinister smirk. The beautiful entity revealed it’s bat-like wings, its skin turned purplish-red, the gown it wore dissolved & she was completely naked while her veins were popped out of her body.

The man screamed, & somewhere in the unknown, a sinister laugh was echoing to his ears. Not from the entity, but from somewhere else. Somewhere he feared. And it made him scream in agony.

But then, the man awakens back to reality. A dream as he said it was, nothing more than that. He was safe.

Or so he thought.

He had always been a hardworking man that would never take the easy way out of things. But yet, seeing how other people around him take the easy ways & find success off it while he struggles to build his success brought immense jealousy. Let alone him being a nobody, hardly receiving any love or attention from the people he would want it from.

Upon going about his regular day, a sudden urge to play the lottery came to him. He never believed in gambling.

He was always taught to have patience, for as things will come in the order they are intended as long as he kept a strong faith & never gave up on his ethic.

He bought his ticket for the Mega Millions. It was a long shot he thought. There was no way he was going to ever win. He did it only to get a laugh out of it.

 16 – 26 – 36 – 46 – 66 – 06

The numbers he chose.

And to a great surprise, on the day of the numbers being announced, there they were on screen. Those same numbers he chose in that order.

The man jumped up & down for joy. Screaming, shouting, he could not believe that all it took was one time to take a chance to be the winner of millions. He could get everything he ever wanted. He did not have to work anymore. All the people would finally look at him as a somebody. He was eager to share his accomplishment, so when he turned in the ticket & received his earnings, he decided to go public. To let everyone know who he was, what he would be doing, & where he would be living.

He bought a big mansion, he bought fancy cars, he bought fancy clothing, he hosted parties, he met famous people, he slept with multiple women, he had it all.

Yet, as the days went by, it was a continuous circle. He would find himself doing the same things over & over. So many people would bother him, asking him for money, asking him to do things with his money such as give back to the communities, help the poor, invest in businesses & such. But he was selfish with the money. Only wanting to keep the millions to himself by any means. He saw that people would only talk to him just so they can get close to his money. It all started affecting his mentality.

All of the things he went & got did not genuinely make him happy. It was all feeding the hunger for attention because he knew those things would bring it to him. But only those things would. Only the money would. And with so many people wanting it, he took drastic measures to make sure nobody would have it.

He took all his money down to his large basement, locked the door, ignited a match & threw it at all his money. He then tried to leave the basement to let it burn & leave his mansion, but he briefly forgot that the door was locked from the outside. He tried forcing the door open with all his strength, but to no avail.

The flames grew, the oxygen in the air was diminishing, he started screaming & crying for help. But he was all alone. And during his last moments of life, he gave out a loud cry:

“I’M SORRY!!” 

The flames filled the whole basement, & his body was ignited by the scorching heat. While screaming in agony, he heard the same sinister laugh from his dream. Only then in that final moment did he realize what he had done in what was not a dream….



  1. Wow, I know I’ve seen this whole “deal with an entity” before, but this is a good story and man does it show you to never make a deal with the devil.

    Liked by 1 person

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