Fallen Saint

A hero he once was. A righteous man. A savior to many. He was a humbled & gracious human being.

The good in him always flourished. Always taking the righteous path to be a contributer to a better world to come. To show the people that positivity is the best way to live your best life.

He was destined to be great. To become a great leader to many. To guide the lost & confused. To strengthen the weak & protect the defenseless. He knew his mission, & promised to stop at nothing to fulfill it.

Yet, there were thing in his life he rejected. Things he refused to do. Things that were against his righteous beliefs. Things that he knew the people that stood with him would object & look at him differently. He swore to never let what he opposed to ever consume the saint he stood firmly to be.

Life has so many twists & turns. Life can ultimately bring about a change within you. And it can override your way of thinking in many ways.

Such as being a witness to certain things. Experiencing phenomenal or wicked moments that can very well compromise the original beliefs. Should you feel ashamed of that? Or should you embrace the new changes to the old ways?

What if those changes could turn out bad? Yet, why should we live in fear of change as if every change is bad? You’ll never know the outcome unless you allow it to run its course. It may happen instantly, it may happen through time, but it will show itself inevitably. You may not see it, but you’ll feel it happen through your actions. And then you’ll look back & realize how different you are from the time before it all began.

However, us humans can have a hard time sticking to certain beliefs truly. Because there is so much to experience & be a witness to. Setting yourself to a certain belief can limit you to what you can & can’t experience because you believe there are things that go against rather than are for it but in a different form.

Nobody can stay a complete saint forever. That would mean they are perfect. Someone who can perfectly keep themselves in a straight line & never cross over their beliefs not once. Rejecting anything that opposes it or isn’t compatible with it.

But life will constantly throw many occurrences that are going to challenge you & your way of thinking. You either become the victor over them, proving to yourself & others that you remain as you are even through them. Or become the defeated, & allow the stress of failing to overcome them take over & change who you are just so you can adapt & overcome.

And just like that, he too fell into the curse. Being faced with too many challenges & tests of endurance would one day take a toll on the righteous saint & all he would want is for it all to go away. To step down from being such a person with so much responsibility & no freedom to do as he pleases because theres no telling what could be against his ways.

So he opens himself to change. Any change.

And thats where all things he objected become an available option. Even the darkest of things. Because he is free to make the choice & does not have such care as he used to towards the decisions made. Now he does it off the strength of being free to do so.

Maybe change is a good thing. Maybe its for the better of him. Maybe this is truly who he was meant to be. Someone that lives in the balance of right & wrong. Because he can never accept living on just one side since the urge to know whats on the other side will always whisper in his ear.

Did he really fall though? Just because those that admired him now turn the other cheek since he is not the perfect saint they so thought him to be? They now are quick to judge him & think he is now a wicked person who deserves no honor or recognition. But he is going through trial & tribulations just as everyone else. Everyone that admired him faces the same struggle. And they know themselves they couldn’t even be the person he tried to maintain.

Yet, hope could never be lost.

He knows he can return to it should he feel ready to do so. He knows he will be accepted. And he knows where he wants to really be when it all ends. Should he still be judged despite already knowing his endgame? We all take different routes to the same endgame. Some get there early, some get there later. Some don’t even know where they’re going, or don’t even believe their endgame is where they want to be. But why be quick to believe someone else won’t get to where they say they want to be because what they do is different from what you’re doing to get there?

You fall from who you were & rise into who you were meant to become.

So he became better than he was by admitting to who he could not be. And instead, became someone that everyone could admire. Even those on the opposite end could see he is for everyone to look at & not just a certain kind.

He became a true hero to everyone around him.






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