The Red Eyed Spirit

In a world so enormous & full of unexplored places, there is no doubt that humans are not the only beings that walk the Earth. There have been an incredible number of witnesses to phenomenal sightings of unexplainable things that make its appearance & then quickly disappear before the human eye.

You could be watched everywhere you go by something that lurks in the shadows. Something that only appears to put fear in your heart. Something you may have thought did not exist.

Some speculate that stories & video footage of bizarre sightings of paranormal activity are just completely false just to stir up attention. Yet, in many cases, while there are those that do make up & create false images of the supernatural, who’s to say that everyone that tells the tale are just another fake? How would you know whats fake & whats real of something you don’t believe in?

There was a small house that sat on farthest end of a neighborhood with a narrow road that passes through the woods. Behind that house’s backyard, however, was a small graveyard. It is unknown who or what may have buried the deceased in that area.

Yet, the house caught the eyes of a small family who just moved out of their urban neighborhood to be closer to nature. The roadway that led through the woods was perfect for jogging & hiking.

Amongst the family was three brothers. Devon, Kyle, & Nathan. All three where in their teenage years, yet Devon was the eldest of them. Kyle was the middle child & was a believer of supernatural beings. Devon & Nathan would often try scaring Kyle by telling scary stories at night of a ghost that roams the woods & would watch you sleep at night.

Since Devon & Nathan did not believe in ghosts, telling the stories were a way of getting a laugh at Kyle’s paranoid reactions to the jump scares & pranks they’d pull on him in the house. They’d often get in trouble by their parents for toying with their brother.

However, to them the stories were just fake. Yet, the mention of “a ghost that roams the woods & would watch you sleep at night” was indeed a real thing.

One night, while everyone was asleep, Kyle awoken to a dry throat & went to the kitchen to get something to drink. It was late at night, some time after midnight. And all the lights in the house were off. They say when midnight is passed, the chance for paranormal activity is heavily increased since the time period known as the “witching hour” draws near.

When Kyle poured a glass of cold water, he heard a knock on the back door thats in the kitchen. Though, the knock was light & gentle. He didn’t think a person was knocking & assumed it was maybe the wind or something. Before he finished his water, he heard the knock again. Yet, the knock could be clearly heard as if it were a person.

But who could possibly be knocking on the door passed midnight?

A curious Kyle, slowly walked to the door. The door had a small window that was covered by a small black curtain. He could not see through it unless it was moved. When he slowly moved the curtain, there was nothing but eyes. Glowing red eyes. There was no figure, no structure around the eyes. He could see the backyard behind the eyes, & there was nothing but blackness from the woods ahead of it. He quickly looked behind him thinking the window was reflecting something behind him. Like Devon or Nathan generating the glowing eyes as another prank against him.

But they were asleep as he seen them before he left the room.

When turned back, the eyes were directly in front of the window as if whatever had it would phase through the door. Kyle screamed, dropped his glass of water which shattered on the ground & ran back to the boy’s room hiding under his covers. His scream & the shattering of the glass woke everyone up.

Their mother & father rushed out their bed to their room while Devon & Nathan woke up asking Kyle what was wrong.

“I saw it! I saw it! There was red eyes at the door! I saw the ghost!” Kyle cried

Their mother hugged him trying to calm him down & give him comfort. He was shaking with uncontrollable fear after what he witnessed.

Devon & Nathan both laughed at him.

“I can’t believe you actually believe that story.” Devon teased

Their father was quick to silence them. He went to the kitchen to see if the eyes were there & to clean up the broken glass.

“Mom, I’m not lying, I saw red eyes at the back door. I went to get a glass of water & it just stared at me from out back!” Kyle cried

Their father came back to report that there was nothing out back. No eyes, no person, no animal.

“Just go back to sleep, its okay.” Their mother said

“Yeah, we’ll protect you bro.” Nathan sarcastically said

Nobody believed Kyle since none have ever seen such a thing. It furthermore convinced Kyle that they are not alone. The stories that were meant to be made up were true.

Everyone returned to their beds & went back to sleep. Kyle, however, remained awake. Still terrified by what he saw. He was afraid to go to sleep thinking those same eyes would be in his face as he slept. There was no doubt in his mind that he met a spirit for the first time.

Was it friendly? Or was it about to cause havoc to him & his whole family?

To be continued…..


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