We have lost it once before.

Believing there wouldn’t be a way.

Assuming there’d be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Thinking we’d be nothing more but a failure.

And then there’d be some sort of whisper.

Telling us to just give up for as there was to be no chance of brighter days.

No sign of a greater change.

We have all been there. Some have already gone through it. Others are going through it as we speak. Looking at ourselves in the mirror with the question in mind “what is the point?”

Or doubting themselves in every way believing their life is meaningless.

Or are quick to believe if there is no progress now, there won’t be any tomorrow.

Yet, one was never born with an instruction manual on this thing called “life”.

It was never said it would be easy, but it was never said it would always be hard.

Nothing lasts forever. The good things…& even the bad things.

If things are going bad all around, what makes you think it will continue to be that way? As if there would never be a spark of change within? The light at the end of the tunnel revealing itself when the time is right. Showing you that even on the darkest days, the light is never fully purged.

A person with no hope never knows this.

A person with hope always remembers this.

Think about hardships you may have faced already. Were they so bad to where you completely denied the thought of better days to come? Or just as you were on the verge of allowing yourself to drown in darkness, did you notice the small light at the end revealing itself for you to pull yourself to it?

It did that for a reason.

When one reaches their lowest point, they are exposed to the greatest change.

The turmoil you’ve had for so long is vanquished. All because you were finally able to see that no matter how many dark clouds surround the skies of life, behind it lies the sun & the sky. And those clouds know that their presence is only for just mere moments. A test of your faith & will.

Hope is what fuels the thrills of life.

Hope is what fuels motivation in your mind.

Hope is what strengthens the will to act.

Hope is what eliminates all doubts in yourself.

Hope is what gives you power in your stride.

And hope is what keeps your life alive.

So do not lost it again. No matter what happens. By now you should know what occurs when one loses hope versus one who maintains it through all times.

The moment you lose it, you will lose ever battle before it begins. You will doubt your ability to succeed every time. And at that point, you have already failed. Because you already had it in you from the beginning to prevail against any challenge.

So let it flow through your mind, & watch the light reveal itself to you always.


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  1. Hope can really change you life circumstances, and so can being in the Now, accepting the present Now moment the way it is. That is a powerful catalyst for change in its own right, even in times where hope is or seems lost 😉
    By the way, thank you for liking one of my posts! (…it’s already been a while)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG. I started reading your writings and I’m so captivated. I relate to almost everything you write… If not all. It’s actually nice and comforting to know that there’s someone out there that feels the same way I do.
    Keep doing what you do. It’s really inspiring❤

    Liked by 1 person

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