Tunnel Vision

Is it a curse or a blessing to have?

How would one even know what it is to be?

You only see one way. One way that could be the right way as you’d believe it to be.

Or it could be just an illusion to trap you from discovering all other possible paths to make the journey easier.

Your eyes could be deceiving you all this time believing there’d in fact be a source of light at the end of the surrounding darkness. And the more you progress in the darkness should you finally find it, the more opportunities that become unknown to you had you not entered the tunnel.

But who’s to say those opportunities are right for you? Who’s to say those choices would or would not interfere with the path you believed was destined for you? Or maybe you just want to stay true to your own beliefs & not doubt them by swaying onto different courses.

Is it selfish to deny a helping hand from someone? Is it wrong to ignore those that insist  on opening your mind to different possibilities? Are they wrong for trying to do that? Do you think it is because they have doubts upon what you carry faith in? Or do they already suspect failure in your mission & want you to stop before it is too late?

How would one truly know if setting eyes on one path is good or bad? Of all the paths that could be taken in the journey of life, you choose one. One that you believe will fill every gap & be the solution to everything you face. One that will take you through everything you need to experience. Though, all does not happen at once. You know this. Everyone knows this. If you have the patience, why can’t everyone else?

You know there are risks, sacrifices, & even life-changing decisions. But that does not stop you, or place any fear in your heart. For as you are prepared to face whatever it is this path will send at you. Because the courage you wield is meant to defeat all the odds & see to the very end.

You would want people to stand beside you at all times. Even when they seem to not understand your motives & often question why you choose a certain way rather than follow & understand as you walk your chosen path. To support every step you take & carry the faith that you too carry.

But some simply cannot do that.

Because life is constantly moving & changing. So one cannot simply stay the same. One must adapt to the change & flow. One cannot stay secured on something that is not 100% certain.

But then again, it could be 100%, if you stay secured for as long as it is necessary to reach the endgame. Because had you swayed from what you set your mind to, even just a little, would diminish the 100%.

Maybe, maybe not. A gamble so it would seem.

However, wouldn’t it feel so rewarding? To say such thing as “when no one believed in it, I did & made it happen”, “when people doubted me, I proved them all wrong”, “when no one had faith in my success, I kept my own faith & prevailed”. A great feeling to see everyone in awe & silence after all the doubts they placed upon you for only following one path.

You saw it as your way. The right way. The perfect way. The only way.

It took some time. Along with some blood, sweat & tear. But through faith, patience, & dedication, you brought greatness to yourself & shame upon the others for ever doubting you.

One could say that taking a different way would’ve made it so you didn’t have to sacrifice those things for the greater good. Yet, who’s to say you’d become the person you are now after all those trials & tribulations?

While walking through the tunnel, everything about you changed with every step. By the time you reached the end & walked out, you see a reflection of you. A changed you. More developed, more confident, more stronger than before you first entered it. You were focused & determined to where you did not notice the change in you until you looked at the reflection. Thus proving it to truly be a blessing.

However, let’s not forget that it can in fact be a curse as well. Thus bringing the complete opposite upon you. Deluding you as you walk the path you thought was the right one. Slowly breaking you down with every step taken. Ignoring all chances to escape the suffering trying to stand firm on a corrupted belief.

And you wouldn’t know until its too late. You might have already reached the end, but was yet to realize that the end was just a never ending dark abyss.

A gamble it is as said before.


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