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  1. We as children of the Most High must learn how to stop allowing our faith to be attacked by not only our circumstances but also the actions of others. The whole point of faith is to overcome situations that have affected you in the past that may come around the second time. If a similar circumstance occurs a second time then we should not only be able to discern this occurrence but also allow our faith to rise above those circumstances thus making room for miracles.

    Stay encouraged and keep up the good work. The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD. It may look like we are sometimes standing still but we are moving in God’s timing. Peace and prosperity be unto you.

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  2. Nice video. Once the issues of doubt around Gods existence are over things change. Asking and answering Yes to the question is God real. Is Jesus Real. Did those things happen is an easy step if people have done research but progress is made when someone actually says it. God you did come and die on the cross. This is no sham, no joke.
    Then, the issue is about Faith, will I rely,trust, and then act when he calls on me Or will I say well you say this, but I don’t trust you. Faith is acting because you trust him. May God give you that lean in trust so that there is no anxiety in Faith but enjoyment.

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  3. This is so lovely… I have faith in you, and you WILL pass that test, with flying colours!
    I love how you have 3 rings to give you that constant reminder and strength always to keep going.
    Big hugs brother! 💛

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