In Time

We want all the time in the world, but we cannot have it.

Instead we are given limited. And we expect to do all the things in the world within that time we have.

But each time the clock ticks, it either reaches a set time for some or grows closer to that set time for others.

So we hurry. We run, we rush, we speed things up in the process of doing all the things in the world before that final tick.

Because that final tick ceases all efforts. All progress made is now null. You can’t continue & you can’t return. The last spot you were in is now a timestamp. It doesn’t matter how much further you planned on going. How much more of something you wanted to do.

Like attempting a test in class but unable to finish due being out of time.

And then it becomes “what I could have done, what I would have done, what I should have done” before that final tick. Maybe a change in course could have extended time. Or if procrastination wasn’t done, some things could have been done much earlier. Or if one didn’t simply give up, an accomplishment could have been made.

And then it becomes “why bother when time will end me before I finish”. Because if we all face the same inevitable, what is the purpose of trying anything? Why waste time trying so hard to do everything when you can do some things that are to your worth for the amount of time you have & be satisfied. Are all things I dream to do worth pursuing to do in this time? Are they meant to be just dreams & nothing more?

Or maybe it was not time for things to happen. That is why nothing has happened yet. The dreams of a beautiful & successful endgame before the final tick of the clock was not meant to happen overnight. Or at whatever time you imagined it to happen at. Like by the time you reach a certain age or by the time you finished one thing.

You want something that hasn’t reached its time, but don’t want something that will come in time. And it is never late. It was already set. You may think it was set too early, but it was never for you to decide. However, should you decide too soon will there be deadly consequences for an eternity.

That is why it is expected for you to be patient for your time. Because your time will come in time. You don’t decide when the time will happen regardless of how soon you yourself expect it to come. Impatience will reveal why the time was not right or was not meant to be for you at all.

Maybe all that is needed is to go further. To keep going & not stop. Only then along the way will things come together in a timely manner. Some all at once. And some gradual. And you may not notice all the progress until you finally reached the end & discovered the growth in not only in life, but within yourself. All of which was done through the limited time given to you.

So look at all the things you wish to achieve in this lifetime. And then look at the clock. Will you get done it all just in time? Half of it? Some of it? None of it?

How far are you willing to go? How hard are you willing to work? Do you believe all effort you put into something is worth the time? Because what if it fails, does it become a waste of time? You only get one chance to figure that out.

However, the true answer will come in time. You may find your true purpose. What you were meant to do & meant to become. You may think you know of it now, but it could be a false prophecy you’ve been trying to fulfill. A revelation may reveal that to your blind eyes & naive mind.

Everything you want & need will transpire in time. Just keep moving. Find & you shall seek. Work & you shall be rewarded. It can be done in the limited time you have. Worry not of the clock that is constantly ticking above. It will only distract you & hinder what is predestined.

When it is time it is time.

Move along.

And make sure you value each second you receive to move further on.


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  1. I’m going to say your true purpose can only be discovered through time and that you are always working on it whether your mind knows that in each moment or not. It’s about growing who you truly are from the inside out, not reaching out for external transitory things. Time is your ally on such a journey.

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