The woman that I marry will have accepted who I am just as I would accept who she is.

The one I consider a true best friend will understand that we are no better than anybody.

My children will understand that they are to never act as though they are above all.

If there is one thing I want people to remember, is that I am who I am because of me. The things I possess under my name do not define me. Whether its money, materialistic things etc., when I look in the mirror I see a human.

A human that was born the same way others are born.

A human that comes with everything needed to be a human.

A human that comes with the same necessities to life as a human.

A human that joined the population of the human race.

How could I possibly see myself above anyone that entered this world the exact same way as I? How could anyone see themselves to be above anyone knowing that?

Regardless if you entered this world as a pacifist or a tyrant, you carry the flesh of a human. Your occupation will never override what you truly are.

If I shoot you with a gun, you will feel the bullet penetrate through your body & damage whatever it pierces. And I will feel the same if you were to shoot me.

If I stab you, you will feel the cold steel piercing through your body cutting through the frail human tissue. And I will feel the same if you were to stab me.

And what are the outcomes of both? Pain, suffering, bleeding…and possible death. We would both feel it equally.

You think all the money you have will save you? Sure it could help you pay for the medical bills, but that is IF you make it to the hospital. And even then, must you still have to endure the pain & suffering on the way there & before they proceed to treat your wounds. What if those wounds proved to be fatal? Not even the millions of dollars under your name could save you from our inevitable end.

We all live with a purpose. Some understand it earlier, & some realize it through trial & error. Yet, even if you were to discover your purpose, does it make you better than the one that has yet to do so?

If you believe your purpose is to become a millionaire, do you look at yourself to be better than a person who’s purpose is to life a peaceful life with no regards to wealth?

If so, how dare you.

Sure today’s society has made the value of currency at an all-time high, but it is not truly needed to live.

You need money to buy food, but you do not need it to make food.

What makes you think you deserve a fancier chair at the dinner table? You believe you work harder than everyone? That you are the smartest person in the world? Or because you are taller, faster, stronger? Nobody else but you deserves that special seat correct?

Take away all the things a man craved such as fancy clothes, jewelry, money, big mansion for a home, & he will claim to have “nothing”. As if losing those things are far more painful than losing life. Losing the opportunity to exist.

Having all the things you want does not shield you from what you are. Nor does it improve or make you invincible. You are no better, no greater, no different than those who entered this life cycle the same as you.

If the man or woman you dream to one day spend the rest of your life with only looks at the status under your name, you’d be a fool to keep dreaming that dream. And say if you had the things that attracts others, you fail to realize that those things alone are what got you attention. That means anyone with those things has a chance with that person. Anyone with a lot of money, shiny clothes, fancy car, etc.. Who you are could mean absolutely nothing to them as long as that status satisfies them.

But why must one think this way? Have people fallen into a trance of believing the more of something physical you have, the better & more higher you are from everyone else? At any given time the things you place so much value, time & effort into can very well vanish right before you eyes. Must that have to happen for you to truly understand that as a human, none of those things make you better?

Whatever you achieve in life, being appreciative should be the first feeling you have. Not a feeling of boast as if the only thing that mattered all along was the accomplishment. The effort taken to make it to the end is what should be accounted for. You worked hard, just as anyone would, and you received a good result.

Even in failure, it can still turn into a victory for as you gained more knowledge than before. Understanding that everyone will fail at some point in time just to become a victor in the future.

You are not better, you are unique. We are all unique. Born the same, but come with a different style of life. Yet, whichever style you have does not ever erase the fact that you do everything while in human flesh.

Accept it. Know that we are one with the world.


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